Bustertees second shirt and more

After haircut

I am very pleased to report that the maker of my favourite t-shirt, Bustertees, has released his second t-shirt! It is excellent, too. Bustertees’ second t-shirt has a cute front design with sleeves that match the colour of the text on it.

Here is me wearing it before my recent hair cut:

Before haircut

And here I am minutes later after my hair cut:

After haircut

Unbearably cute, eh?

Once again the quality of the adult baby t-shirt is very high. The embroidery is expertly executed, the t-shirt itself is solidly made and the design is a total winner.

I have to admit this does not displace Bustertees’ first effort as my very favourite t-shirt, but the design is so cute it is definitely the best ever!

I heartily recommend Bustertees as the top source of cute, youthful and adult baby t-shirts. Do not miss out on this design as they are flying off the shelves, and keep watching Bustertees website for the next cracking adult baby t-shirt. They are the little clothes to score!

I have scored some other little clothes recently and I will take this opportunity to tell you about them.

Ms Lorainex who tuns the eBay store Big Tots has either made or found some cute socks that will stretch to large little size. I purchased these giraffe socks that have little giraffe horns poking out over the hemline.

Giraffe socks

Giraffe socks

She also sent me these lovely teddy bear socks that are very comfy as well as cute.

Teddy bear socks

Teddy bear socks

One thing I might suggest is that these socks are best for playing in at home rather than wearing out with shoes on. As you can see in this picture I took down the boozer earlier, the teddy bear on the socks is only just visible over my kid-tastic mid-tops!

Where's teddy?

Still Big Tots remains one of the few places you can get really cute little socks that fit even the hugest of adult babies.

Long time teaders may recall my glowing review of Cushybums rompers. Since selling out of them they seemed to disappear from the international market. Quite by chance I was looking for onesies on Amazon.com and I saw that Cushybums were selling on there. Further research showed they also had products on offer on eBay.com but not on the international sites.

Could I contain myself? Of course not! I ordered this robo e dino battle onesie that was on Cushybums eBay.com store.


Great stuff, eh?

Finally, I count myself extremely fortunate that Arkadia aka Charlotte Gray, who has done the Baby-Pants.com hypnotic training tracks, is a friend of mine. After one of our email exchanges she told me she was going to send me something from my Amazon wish list. Wasn’t that nice of her?

A few days later Biscuit the snow leopard joined the ‘soothing Davy’-team.


What is particularly nice about Biscuit is that he has a long cat-tail, which is wonderful to hold onto when sleeping. Biscuit may not be held as tightly as Toast the teddy at night, but I have woken on severaly mornings recently tightly grasping the end of Biscuit’s tail.

Biscuit's tail!

Oh yes, one more thing. There is a little store on Toddlerism – it rarely generates any income. However, since I put the store up I have sold a few items and I decided to exchange my meagre profit for this:

I'm four!

I shall say more on the number soon…