Light-up sneakers from Evolved Footwear

Light-up shoes on

I am, in a very deep and meaningful sense, a three year old boy. There are some things a little boy needs almost as much as he needs sweets, cake and oxygen. One of those things he simply must have is a pair of light-up sneakers.

However, in a similarly deep and meaningful sense, I am a 190cm tall little boy who takes adult size 12/13 (UK/US) shoes. This makes it extremely difficult for my requirement for light-up sneakers to be fulfilled. Indeed, after searching literally the entire internet for suppliers of adult men’s size light-up sneakers I found only one: Evolved Footwear.

Evolved Footwear mod premium adult trainers to have the all-important ‘light-up’-feature. Moreover, they are based in the USA so that meant I would get stung for duty and sales tax when they entered the UK and I would have to wait for the interminable delays of international postage before I could get my feet in them. We little boys are not good at deferred pleasure.

More importantly, Evolved Footwear use premium sneakers, and there was the small matter of the international postage charge. Consequently, for a Practical Regression Consultant with no paying clients, they cost enough to require serious saving. More delays, more coping with deferred pleasure for an impatient little boy.

I wanted a pair of red light-up sneakers and the ones that Evolved Footwear had cost $170. There was $30 international shipping on top of that. So I saved up a small amount of my disability pay each week until I had enough to blow on my very own adult-sized light-up sneakers! Hooray!

Eight weeks later they had been made and crossed the Atlantic to arrive in Winchester. I was not displeased that they look like this:

Light-up shoes off

I was distinctly more pleased that they can look like this:

Light-up shoes on

Overjoyed that they can look like this:

And positively blissful that they can look like this:

The light-up sneakers had been altered by Evolved Footwear to have those lusted-after lights in the heel and they were powered and controlled by a little box on the end of a cable that tucks neatly into the sneakers’ tongue. This is the control box out of the tongue:

Light-up shoes control box

The batteries in the control box are replaceable and a new set will give you about eight hours of flashing. It is not easy to get at the control box once it is in place so you have to set your preferred illumination style before you go to playgroup, or a friend’s birthday party, and leave it set at that until you get a chance to take your adult-sized light-up trainers off.

I was slightly irked that when I looked at Evolved Footwear’s website just after receiving my light-up sneakers that they had managed to get my design of sneaker to light up in time with your steps. That would be cool! But, in all honesty, I am happy enough with the light emission setting on my light-up sneakers.

Indeed, I am so satisfied with the light-up sneakers that I do not resent dropping $200 I don’t really have on something just to keep little me happy. That is because little me IS me and making myself happy is only slightly less important than making my partner/daddy/big brother (he’s a versatile type of chap) happy. I needed light-up sneakers and Evolved Footwear could sell me some in my huge size and in range of saving.

I feel very grateful not only for the high quality of product Evolved Footwear sell but also for them existing AT ALL and catering to the presumably niche market of 6’3” tall little boys. They did not gouge me on the price and the light-up sneakers are excellent. If you happen to be one of we bigger little boys or girls, Evolved Footwear can fulfil a dream I had resigned myself to never seeing come true. I think it is money extremely well spent!

If you doubt me just watch the short video below and ask if you could make yourself that happy when you are coming home late in your dreary, boring grown-up shoes? No, light-up trainers are definitely the thing for littles and if the offices of Evolved Footwear were closer I would instantly go and do a dance of gratitude in their front lobby. In LIGHT-UP SNEAKERS!