Abri-Form Comfort adult diaper review

Abri-Form Comfort adult diaper

Abri-Form Comfort are one of the new releases of ‘textured-backing’ adult diapers that have appeared on the adult nappy scene since this became the standard way of adult incontinence products being presented. They claimed all-day comfort whilst having high absorbency. I gave a pack a try.

Abri-Form Comfort pack

For those used to Abena’s product classification you can see that these are ranked as aborbency level ‘3’. This translates to a maximum absorbency of 3400ml. That seemed high enough for me to be satisfied with, without being concerned that they were not 4’s (people slightly thinner than me often seem to rave about Abena M4’s on Twitter).

So what do they look like? Since these pictures always seem so popular I have prepared a little gallery of loathsome crotch-shots for your edification (as ever, if you are not reading this article on Toddlerism, you will have to come here to see the galleries):

Abri-Form Comfort certainly feel comfy and they have the advantage of some of the best tapes of any adult diaper I have used. They have a velcro-like (which I believe we are supposed to call hook and eye these days) fastening mechanism. Consequently, you can fasten and re-fasten them as often as you like.

Here is a picture of the tapes featuring, as a guest appearance, my belly!

Abri-Form Comfort tapes

So Abri-Form Comfort adult diapers have good tapes, they are comfortable and I think they look pretty good. Here is another little gallery:

Any problems, then? Most certainly! They leak like a sieve! Daddy is very good at putting nappies on, but for the week I wore these, every night they leaked. Even when I was not very wet I would wake up at some appalling hour of the morning in a cold, wet patch.

It was not just at night. One wetting whilst I was out would usually leave me with wet patches at the back of my legs. I am not sure it is because of the reduced absorbency compared to Abri-Form Premium M/L4’s, but rather due to them being badly designed.

Consequently, I cannot recommend Abena Abri-Form Comfort adult diapers. Superficially they may look like the kind of diaper suitable for the modern adult baby, but they just fail to perform. Modern littles who want an adult nappy should look to Tena Slip Ultima as the best performing adult baby diaper.

  • Jason Carpp

    Nice looking nappy. It’s too bad they don’t work very well at what a nappy is supposed to do. Bugger! 🙁

    • I really am very happy with Tena Slip Ultima. There’s nothing I’ll really miss about these, so good riddance to them!

      • Jason Carpp

        I agree. There’s a store here in Seattle, Washington that sells Abri-Form nappies, and I’ve worn and used them, I found them quite good. These nappies that you tried, I hope they don’t make it to North America anytime soon.

  • My normal goto nappies are Abena Delta-form M3s, which I love, shame those new versions dont seem be as well made then 🙁

  • Here’s the information page from the place that robbed me and sent me these rubbishy nappies in return: Don’t buy these nappies here or anywhere else. Hopefully this little nugget of extra information will ensure you never know the horror of relying on these nappies to save your mattress.
    Financial awkwardness left me stuck with them for a week and every time I woke in a cold, wet puddle at 3-5am I would curse that awkwardness as I stripped my bed and washed my sheets. I got 126 Tena Ultima two nights ago and I still feel shagged out from all those sleepless mornings spent washing sheets. Not happy in crappy nappies!!

  • toby

    HI Davy , there is a very good alternative product available from the ID (Ontex) company http://www.saveexpress.de/en/inkontinenz-einweg-disposable/windeln-pants-diapers/id-medica-slip-pants/id-slip-packungbag/7968/id-expert-slip-super-large-weiss/gruen-folie-
    they are compareable the old Abend L4 with plastic backing and really high absorbant without leaking. They are my favourite diapers for night time and days with heavy wetting 😉

  • raven

    they have never leaked for me and i wear them at night