Custom adult pacifiers (and more) from Inner-Child

Davy's adult pacifier

Readers with the attention span of a three year old (that’s me!) will recall I rather liked the adult pacifiers from Inner-Child. Well, as with all things littleInner-Child have moved onwards and upwards –  they now offer custom adult pacifiers with your name on them!

By pure chance, I’m sure, the name they decided to test the process out with was mine! Feast your eyes on this custom Nuk 5 dummy:

Davy's adult pacifier

This was the test custom adult pacifier and when the team at Inner-Child tried to make it at first they could not move the letter transfers once they had been applied to the adult pacifier.

However, they resolved that issue with the second custom adult pacifier they tried to make. Inner-Child provided a picture on a different adult dummy style:

Jody's custom adult pacifier

The style above can only fit four or five letters, whilst the Nuk 5 style that my name is on can fit a slightly longer name.

The named custom adult pacifiers are made by sticking letter transfers onto the dummy with glue, then covering the whole area with a lacquer that is hardened under ultra-violet light. That ensures the letters cannot peel off the adult pacifiers. I am told it is quite a time-consuming process, but the results, as you can see above and below, are fantastic.

If you would like your name on an adult pacifier I suggest you head over to Inner-Child in a snap and go to their ‘Contact’ page and request the array of custom adult pacifiers you desire!

Speaking of an array of adult pacifiers, I could not resist trying out more of Inner-Child’s range. In my previous review I tried an adult dummy with a cheeky little boy printed on it. I also noted that Inner-Child sell ‘Spanish-style’ adult pacifiers. I did not know what one of those was so I purchased one with a yellow teddy bear pacifier clip:


As far as adult pacifiers go I think that is quite cute, don’t you?

I also got one with a Peter Rabbit transfer on the end:

As you can see, I had a blue elephant pacifier clip in those photos. Very cute again!

Here’s a picture of all the adult pacifiers from Inner-Child I have mentioned in this review:

Three adult pacifiers with two pacifier clips

I remain very pleased with the adult pacifier service offered by Inner-Child. They are keenly priced, high quality, have cute designs and now have the option of personalisation. The Nuk 5 sucky bits they use are the perfect size for an adult mouth, even for a huge little boy like me. I cannot recommend Inner-Child highly enough for all your adult pacifier needs.

Indeed, I think Inner-Child are so good they are only the second organisation I have deemed worthy of advertising on Toddlerism (for a fee, of course!). They provide such a good service I am actively willing them to do as well as possible. Go to Inner-Child, buy, check your post, place pacifier in mouth, suck, be very, very happy!