Toddlerism is two!

We are little is definitely now a toddler, as today is the second anniversary of Toddlerism first being shown off to anyone who would look at this, the most commercial of my writing endeavours. I thought it did pretty well at attracting attention in its first year, but that’s not a patch on how popular Toddlerism has become in year two. I feel rather flattered, in fact.

So if you are interested in gaining some publicity for your little, adult baby or age play products or services I am about to present the hard numbers, as gleened from Google Analytics, as to how many people you could have displayed your wares to had you sent me some freebies.

Davy gets ready to do sums! Poo, sums!

First of all I will show some straight comparisons of year one with year two. Let us dive into the numbers!

[one_fourth]Metric[/one_fourth][one_fourth]First year[/one_fourth][one_fourth]Second year[/one_fourth][one_fourth_last]Change[/one_fourth_last]
[one_fourth]Unique visitors[/one_fourth][one_fourth]36,630[/one_fourth][one_fourth]103,404[/one_fourth][one_fourth_last]+182%[/one_fourth_last]
[one_fourth]Viewed pages[/one_fourth][one_fourth]131,623[/one_fourth][one_fourth]325,057[/one_fourth][one_fourth_last]+147%[/one_fourth_last]
[one_fourth]Av. pages per visit[/one_fourth][one_fourth]2.72[/one_fourth][one_fourth]2.42[/one_fourth][one_fourth_last]-11.00%[/one_fourth_last]
[one_fourth]Av. time per visit[/one_fourth][one_fourth]00:03:31[/one_fourth][one_fourth]00:02:45[/one_fourth][one_fourth_last]-22.11%[/one_fourth_last]
[one_fourth]Bounce rate[/one_fourth][one_fourth]47.09%[/one_fourth][one_fourth]51.55%[/one_fourth][one_fourth_last]+9.47%[/one_fourth_last]
[one_fourth]Returning/New visitors[/one_fourth][one_fourth]8,828/27,802[/one_fourth][one_fourth]24,714/78,690[/one_fourth][one_fourth_last]+180%/+183%[/one_fourth_last]

So you can see that I have experienced a massive increase in the number of readers of Toddlerism looking for adult baby and little information, almost as large an increase in the number of visits to the site and a smaller but still huge increase in the number of pages that have been viewed.

People are looking at slightly fewer of Toddlerism’s pages per visit, and consequently spending less time on the site reading my little and adult baby content.

There has been a slight increase in the number of people who look at one page on Toddlerism then leave (the bounce rate). In both the first and second years I have charmed roughly the same proportion of people into coming back to visit again (~24%) and scared off about the same proportion so they have had enough of Toddlerism after only one visit (~76%): the degree of lust for more adult baby content doses only differs by 0.2% between the years.

Now we can look at Toddlerism’s second year statistics in more detail.

The USA is source of 45.03% or 60,425 visits – Americans are the most common visitors to Toddlerism; indeed, approximately 0.02% of the American population has had its adult baby and little needs served by Toddlerism in the past year.

We British are in second place with 31,972 visits, or 23.83% of the total visits to Toddlerism. Digging in the data yields roughly 0.05% of all British people dropping by Toddlerism at least once. I’d like to think that ~2.5x more of we Britons are in touch with our inner children compared to the repressed, prudish Americans, but it probably has more to do with me writing Toddlerism in the UK.

Canada is a distant third with 5.02% of all visits in Toddlerism’s second year.

As I’m English I’m going to look at the British visitors in more detail. 90% of the visitors from the UK were from England, with a paltry 6.1% and 2.4% of British Toddlerism visitors coming from Scotland and Wales respectively. I know they are sparsely populated, but you would have though being isolated would make people feel safer about reading adult baby and little websites! 🙂

I had approximately 6,870 new and returning visitors from London, which means roughly 0.083% of Londoners have dropped by Toddlerism to serve their adult baby and little needs. That means that more Londoners tend to look for adult baby and little material online, and find Toddlerism, than the British population as a whole. Well, you have got to be a bit different to cope with living in London! 😉

OK, some boring technical stuff to keep web developers happy:

The web browser that people visited most often with was Chrome (29% of visits), the doddery, decayed and dim iOS brigade boost Safari into second place with 24% of visits. Internet Explorer (16%) just noses ahead of Firefox (15%) in the number of visits; both of these browsers have visited over 25% less frequently than they were represented in Toddlerism’s first year pool of visits. If any Opera users wonder why I do not test Toddlerism against their browser it is because it has dropped from a laughable 1.2% of visits made to less than 0.9%.

49% of visits to Toddlerism were made from Windows devices – it is still the OS that counts as standard even in this day and age of smartphones and tablets. I’m very popular with those ageing iOS users, 22% of visits come from that platform whilst only 16% come from Android devices. They will not stay in these positions for long, though, for whilst the proportion of visits from iOS platforms grew by 27% year on year, Android grew by 67%.

Just time for a quick laugh at those who are afraid of change (the proportion of visits coming from Apple Macs dropped by 13% to 8.7% of the total) and those who are just plain bonkers (Linux users searching for adult baby content and finding me were 6.2% less well represented with an awe inspiring 1.4% of total visits made from that operating system which is supposed to make us wet our diapers in excitement at the thought of typing arcane, case-sensitive commands into one of its weirdly named shells). Don’t worry, these freakish outliers will either realise that change is good and buy Windows devices or slowly die off meaning I don’t have to report them any more.

How about some finer-grained details of the site’s performance:

The most read posts were ABJane’s guest review of Boots nappies, that was read a whopping great 11,097 times. Second was the review of the overpriced and ordinary Aww So Cute adult baby diapers, read 10,044 times. Finally, showing the pronounced interest in adult baby diaper reviews on Toddlerism, the original Fabine review was read 8,511 times. I’ll be reviewing the 2014 Fabine Exklusiv in a few days.

Davy's bum in a 2014 Fabine Exklusiv adult baby diaper

Davy’s bum in a 2014 Fabine Exklusiv adult baby diaper


Finally, how good are the reviews on Toddlerism in sending people to adult baby suppliers? Out of the top five outgoing click counts, two and three are people wanting to see pictures of me in more detail. The number one spot goes to with 8,662 outgoing clicks in the past year. With 3,795 outgoing clicks is the store that closed half way through this past year – NeverGrownUp. I really miss them. A worthy fifth place is the excellent store ForeverAKid, with 3,102 outgoing clicks in the past year. These people should be paying me for such coruscating publicity!

And that, my friends, is it. I’ll see about 24% of you again for more adult baby and little larks. The rest of you will have to make do with your Toddlerism requirements being serviced on a single visit; oh come on! I am more interesting than that!

Thank you, and good morning.

We are little