The BEST t-shirt I own!

Bustertees first design - spacerocket!

Here at Toddlerism I like to bring you the best of the best for the little in your life – new company Bustertees provide precisely that! Buster Bear, the owner and designer, has produced the best ABDL t-shirt I have owned!

Bustertees aims to make cute, nostalgic and adult baby-themed embroidered t-shirts of superior quality and excellent design. When I saw the first design on Bustertees’ website every fibre of Little Davy screamed “I WANT!!”. So I got myself a new tee and I blinking well love it.

Take a look at the embroidered design on the front:

Bustertees first design - spacerocket!

Isn’t that just mega-kidTo infinity and beyond!!

Not only is it the best adult baby tee I own it is without a doubt the best t-shirt I own. It is exceptionally cute, very well-made (with quality embroidery on a heavyweight American Apparel ringer t-shirt) and for an adult baby t-shirt of this quality and style it is a total bargain at £19.95.

I felt so happy in my Bustertees t-shirt that I immediately put it on for my trip to Falafel Express here in Winchester for lunch. Daddy though I looked so cute he took loads of pictures, some of which I present in a gallery below (as usual if you are not reading this on you will have to come here to see the gallery):

As you can see it is a super cute adult baby t-shirt, so much so that I couldn’t resist getting out my latest Inner-Child adult pacifier.

I think an ABDL tee of this quality will tickle the funny bone of any little so is quite the bargain at £19.95, and shipping is not much either (even to the USA, which costs £6.95, and Europe, which costs £5.00).

Buster Bear is going to release a new design of his each month at Bustertees. After buttering him up something rotten (not really, he’s just a lovely chap!) I got a sneak preview of next month’s design and I can assure you it will be mine, oh yes! It will be mine!! I’d better start saving my pocket money!

I think the pictures say it all in this review. Bustertees make adult baby tees of unrivalled cuteness. They are professionally embroidered, not like most ABDL tees, with some old transfer stuck on that will stick together in the drier and eventually disappear. I think with that quality the price is very fair, even if you are ordering from outside the UK. Finally, with new designs coming out every month is the ABDL/adult baby/little t-shirt company to watch and buy from regularly!