Adult pacifiers from Inner-Child

Very relaxed

Readers will recall I recently reviewed the Baby Pants Classic adult pacifier, and at the time I liked it. However, after a few days I grew very tired of it.

The heavy shield made it drop out of my mouth very quickly after I fell asleep. This resulted in me having several nights of bad sleep with bad dreams and lots of awakenings.

Moreover, the sucky part was just a little too large for my tastes. The more I used it the more uncomfortable I felt with it in my mouth. The Baby Pants Classic adult pacifier was clearly not for me.

However, I did not want to just go back to my old Nuk 5 – I felt I had been promised a new adult dummy that I would like and I wanted one.

Serendipitously, someone mentioned the adult pacifier supplier Inner-Child. I went to their website and was immediately impressed.

Here was a supplier of moded Nuk 4 or Nuk 5 adult pacifiers (plus a few other items) who did not charge the Earth because they were catering to a specialist market. Indeed, their prices were actually quite cheap, considering a moded adult pacifier includes the cost of a Nuk 4 or 5 plus the cost of a baby pacifier. Their prices are a world removed from the most famous supplier of moded adult pacifiers in the USA.

The range of styles and designs of adult dummies offered by Inner-Child was also excellent, with decorated, multicolour, Disney, Binky and Spanish-style adult pacifiers all on offer. I contacted the owner who told me a bit about the business.

It is basically a one man show. The owner deals with orders and modifies the adult pacifiers himself. He started off selling on eBay as inner.child but the fees they charge persuaded him to get his son to build a website and get a domain name for him, and run a more streamlined business with better prices from there. His son’s involvement has been the only other help he’s had running this excellent business.

Why do I say it is excellent? I have given good reasons already: he is not ripping off a specialist market and he has an top bunny range of adult dummies (plus pacifier clips, plastic pants and some clothes). His website also shows his products well and is easy to use.

I also like the fact that when you get your adult pacifier it comes in a little branded bag:

Inner Child adult dummy packagingInner-Child adult pacifier on Kisu the cat

I could not resist using a relaxed Kisu the cat as an adult pacifier display surface!

One time when I still watched television I saw a program for new parents that said you should test that new dummies are safe by giving the business end a good yank. That’s what I did with this pacifier:

 Inner Child pacifier sucky bit

It was certainly strong enough, showing that it was very well made. A further reason to like Inner Child.

So, what, after two nights and three days of near continuous use do I think of it?

I like it a lot! The design of this adult pacifier is very cute, it is very well made and the Nuk 5 gobstopper is, as it is designed to be, a perfect size for an adult mouth. I greatly prefer it to the Baby Pants Classic adult baby pacifier.

Indeed, I’m so pleased with Inner-Child’s service, their prices, the range and quality of their goods that I was very happy to order another adult pacifier yesterday to take out and about with me, plus a pacifier clip so I don’t lose it. The speed of me getting another adult dummy from Inner-Child is a pretty damned-good recommendation.

It helps me that Inner-Child are based in the UK, so postage times and costs are low, but I also checked out postage charges to the USA and they are very reasonable. Inner-Child are my new absolute favourite adult dummy  supplier and I do not hesitate in recommending them to anyone anywhere in the world. Forget Baby Pants and every other supplier, if you are looking for a cute, well-made, keenly-priced adult pacifier then Inner-Child are the best place to go.

I should add that Inner-Child also make pacifiers suitable for larger children and young adults with the Nuk 4 teat. So if you are even a remotely large little person go and shop at  Inner-Child now!

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