Big Tots pyjamas

Davy stretched out in Big Tots pyjamas

The eBay store Big Tots run by mslorainex now sells adult baby pyjamas. I got myself a set to try them out.

The ones I got are made from a very comfortable polycotton material and, as you can see in this selfie, have a really nice print:

Davy in Big Tots pyjama

The Big Tots pyjamas have cuffs at the neck, wrists and ankles and are breathable enough to wear even in this current heatwave we are enjoying. I have been very comfortable sleeping in my adult baby pyjamas these past couple of nights.

I have put together a little gallery of images of me wearing the Big Tots pyjamas, as you can see they are very childish indeed. Just right for a toddler like me! As usual, those who are not reading this on Toddlerism itself will have to come here to see the gallery.

As you can see they fit me extremely well and this is where I would offer a tip to those littles who are large like me (I’m 6’3″ tall). I normally take a 44″L chest size but I thought, due to being a huge toddler, I had better order a size larger and went for a 48″ chest size. This worked a treat! So, if you are large, do not be afraid of going large!

As I have stated in my many posts before mslorainex makes adult baby clothes to an extremely high standard and these pyjamas are no different. Given that I ordered the correct size, the fit is perfect and they are easily strong enough for me to do my night and morning exercises in them (very important to do these; they will fix my back good and proper) and generally run around in squealing with excitement when daddy says we are going out to buy Easter eggs later!

I found the price highly reasonable for adult baby pyjamas of this quality and they were delivered to the UK very quickly. Once again, I cannot recommend ordering from the Big Tots store highly enough – you will be richly rewarded by purchasing adult baby clothes from there.

By the way, if anyone is interested in developments at casa Davy you might be happy to learn that daddy and I took the vows last Tuesday and exchanged rings. Here is a picture of us flashing our palladium rings:

Daddy and Davy with our ringsWe will be together and look after each other forever – hooray!

  • Jason Carpp

    Awesome story! Congratulations on your vows! Cute looking pjs. 🙂

    • Thank you, Mr Carpp! They are great pyjamas that I’m very pleased with, as you might be able to tell. I’m very pleased to be wearing a ring, too.

      • Jason Carpp

        They look good on both of your fingers. 🙂

      • They looked great when we were out in the bright sunshine earlier. They really glistered.

      • Jason Carpp

        I’ll bet they did. 🙂

  • Joshua Heart

    Congratulations on your nuptials. I hope you two will be happy together for a very long time. My other half and I have been together for 2 months shy of 25 years. Unfortunately we live in a state in the US that doesn’t have marriage equality yet.

    • Thank you, Joshua! The partner and I have been together for thirteen years and worth the recent change in the law and a bit of money in the bank we thought it about time to get some symbols of attachment to each other. We love each other extraordinarily and as we swapped rings we each said, “I’ll be your daddy forever”.

  • Callam Froot

    you getting married ? congratulations, always knew you would get there some day.

    • Thank you! As we’ve been together for 13 years I think we’ve already made the commitment 😉