Custom shortalls from Snaps4U

Zap! Zap!! That ghost is busted!

I’ve written about Snaps4U adult baby shortalls before, however since writing that I discovered that Snaps4U will make custom shortalls. I saw a previous design they had made, I liked it, and I ordered them!

All you need to do is go their website,, and contact them through that with a suggestion of the design you want. They have a seamstress who used to work in the theatre industry so she is used to knocking up varied designs in double-quick time.

You only have to provide two measurements, your height and waist size. They can make you a perfectly fitting item from them.

If you just want some cute adult baby shortalls but don’t know what design you’d like they have a selection of items they’ve made previously on their website and you can do as I did and pick one of them.

The shortalls come with either a diaper shirt or a onesie. I’d choose the latter if I were you. The one I got was made from a very nice material, quite unlike the nasty diaper shirt material I got with one set of shortalls in my last review. They will even decorate the onesie appropriately for the design if that’s what you want, as you’ll see in my pictures below.

Paying for your adult baby shortalls and onesie is as easy as pie. When the item is ready they will contact you and put up the item for sale on eBay with no sizes or information, so no one else will buy it. EBay will then calculate the shipping (and any taxes if, like me, you are shopping from outside the USA) and you can pay for it like any other purchase from eBay. Simple!

I have to say I found dealing with the couple who run Snaps4U a complete pleasure. They are very friendly and helpful and tolerant of people who have slight problems with their eBay accounts 😉 I cannot recommend ordering custom adult baby shortalls from Snaps4U highly enough. The whole process is simple, if not an actual delight, and the end products are fantastic.

So it’s about time I showed you some of the end products!

I ordered a Ghostbusters set of shortalls and the onesie came with a little Ghostbusters symbol on the shoulder:

This Ghostbuster wears nappies

Zap that ghost!

Cute, eh?

The adult baby shortalls came with the extra detail of a marshmallow man on the back pocket:

I'll keep my sweets in this Marshmallow Man back pocket!

Finally, the front of the Ghostbusters little shortalls:

My Snaps4U custom adult baby shortalls and onesie

Even Ghostbusters can be silly!

Zap! Zap!! That ghost is busted!

These pictures should demonstrate that you should head off to the Snaps4U website and place your order for some custom adult baby shortalls NOW!!!