Babykins onesies and booties

With Kisu!

I’ve reviewed Babykins before but as they are one of the ‘go to’ suppliers for off-the-peg adult baby goods and they emailed me to say they were getting new prints in stock, how could I resist?

In the many years I’ve been buying from Babykins I’ve never had a problem with their customer service or the goods I’ve received. This time I wanted to see if specific types of their new prints were in stock in my size. A brief email exchange followed and then my goods were winging their way across the ocean to me a couple of days later.

I’ve always found their adult baby onesies very good with excellent sizing so this time I ordered two. The first onesie was in a circus print (once again, email, Tumblr and RSS readers will have to come to Toddlerism to see the picture galleries):

Looks rather cute, eh?

The fit is perfect and the snaps are strong.

My favourite of the two onesies is a teddy bear print in the colour charitably known as ecru:

I got so excited trying it on and having pictures taken I said a rude word and got put in the corner!

What a naughty boy!

This adult baby onesie was of similar high quality to the first and also a great fit. I really love the print; I went out in it when it was warm enough to wear just a t-shirt and trousers yesterday. Of course, my t-shirt was tucked into my trousers…

Long time readers may know I developed type 1 diabetes just before Christmas and one of the things the abrasive diabetic nurse told me when I got out of hospital is that I have to wear something on my feet AT ALL TIMES!! This is because diabetics get circulation problems and can have a hard time healing wounds to their feet.

Consequently, for times when I am at home I have got some Babykins adult baby booties. Here they are (including a guest appearance by Kisu the cat!):

The adult baby booties are EXTREMELY comfortable, with a soft terry cotton inner sole, soft cotton all around and a waterproof plastic base. I don’t know how slip resistant they are, I’m afraid I’m far too inept to attempt that stunt for the completeness of the review, but my feet feel very warm, comfy and safe as I scamper and skip about the flat. They are made to a very high quality standard. The price was quite keen as well.

So everything is pretty much as I said in my last reviewBabykins adult baby products remain of a very high standard, they are not outrageously priced, the customer service is excellent and even shipping fees to the UK aren’t too bad. I am very satisfied with my latest order and I am very satisfied with Babykins as an adult baby supplier.