Tena Slip Ultima adult diaper review

I love Toast

Buying Tena Slip Ultima adult diapers felt like a bit of an adult baby homecoming. Tena Slip Maxis were the first adult nappy I purchased in bulk 21 years ago when I started at university. I had them delivered in large boxes to my Oxford college porters lodge. The porters always managed to sound very put upon by having a large box in their room, even thought they never had to touch it. About 12-14 years ago I moved onto Abena Abri-Form X-Plus because they were very slightly cheaper whilst being very similar. It felt a bit strange to be getting some of my old brand of adult nappies again.

Two things made an immediate impression with the Tena Slip Ultima adult diapers. Firstly they claimed a positively lake draining capacity and secondly they were frighteningly thin. With their cloth-like cover with very little branding on this would make them, if the first claim was true, very much like modern baby’s nappies. Do we want our adult baby goods to be close facsimiles of real baby products or prefer them to be overloaded with a kitsch ideal of what we’d like babies to be like if only they were not.

The Tena Slip Ultima adult diapers claimed a maximum absorbency of 4099ml. That’s one hell of a lot. The fabled Fabine adult baby diapers only claim to hold a maximum of 4000ml. It’s also an oddly precise number. Not 4.1 litres but exactly one millilitre less than that. The quoted maximum absorbencies are not what you you can hope to fill your adult diaper with, but it’s an absorbency under ideal conditions. Even Fabines claim their realistic capacity is about half their maximum. So I do find myself pondering quite why so precise.

A Tena Slip Ultima with Flip the foxGiven that claimed absorbency it’s astonishing how thin they are. The picture to the right really gives you no idea how vanishingly narrow they are. A Stack of 7 Tena Slip Ultima adult diapers was the same height in my nappy draw as 4 Abri-Form X-Plus and 3 Fabines Exklusivs. Just over half the height of Abri-Form X-Plus adult nappies and yet claiming a greater absorbancy. Wow!

When I contemplated this is made me think that, as they are thin, with a cloth-like cover and claim to hold litres, they are very much like modern baby’s disposable nappies. This made me warm to the Tena Slip Ultima adult diapers immediately as I want my little experience to be authentic. I want to wear nappies that are as similar as possible to what little littles wear, wear clothes that are like little littles, play with the same toys as little littles, etc., etc,

Now, it may be, as I said in my review of Abri-Form Premium Air Plus adult diapers, that some people want to dwell in an idealised fantasy construction of the past. They don’t consider diapers to be diapers unless they have to be cleaned by being carried down to the river in a wooden pail! You may accuse me of reducto ad absurdum but resisting change and hanging on to some dream world of a past really is as foolish as that. We must move onwards, ever onwards!

So whilst the Tena Slip Ultima adult nappies did bring back a flavour for of past for me they also reminded me that nothing stands still in this world and if we are to survive we must change as the world changes. I was thinking positive thoughts about these adult diapers when daddy prepared to put me in one to play.

As he changed me he said that the fit of the nappies was very good. It was obvious how high the side panels should go up the waist and where the tapes should sit. I thought they were comfy, quite wide but not very thick, but I still liked daddy changing me. He taped me up and I grinned for the inevitable crotch shot:

You can see on those pictures that there is very little branding and you can just see the tapes. I’m glad the tapes on Tena Slip adult nappies haven’t changed too much as I missed them as an Abri-Form user. The tapes are strong and stay in position, but you can undo them and refasten them almost as many times as you like and they’ll still hold just as strong. They seemed even stronger and more durable than 21 years ago.

So I was sent off to the playroom with Toast the teddy:

I was in the playroom all afternoon, I came out for dinner and hung around plaguing daddy, until eventually it was bedtime and not only was I in the same nappy but I hardly felt wet. When it came off it felt heavy, that is true, but I wouldn’t have been worried about my nappy for hours it seemed so robust and absorbent.

I was put in one for bed, to see how they stood up to that. As I’ve commented before, since getting diabetes my rude bits seem to have turned into the pumps driving the Captain Cook Memorial Fountain in Canberra. So it was quite a test that I slept for ten hours. When I woke up my nappy looked like this:

After a night of weeing

Yes, it seemed to be sagging a bit, but you can see plenty of unsoaked material inside the adult diaper. The drips on the bottom were just sweat (it was I who was forced to smell to confirm this – pooholes!), so it hadn’t leaked and in my tight all-in-one sleeper the adult nappy was held in such a good position I could have slept a good while longer had it not been for the risk of dehydration:)

So the promise was true, the Tena Slip Ultima adult nappies did hold loads. I’ve confirmed this since on involute shopping trips, long train rides and *ahem* during extensive wine tastings (Big Davy needs something to write about;) and they do hold loads. Therefore they do live up to that initial promise I pondered about them being little babies nappies for adults. What more could an enlightened little ask for?

Well, as the Fabine adult baby diaper review showed, cost can be a very real factor. So what are the numbers? I got a case of 63 of Tena Slip Ultima adult nappies for £55.46 (including discreet packaging and next-day delivery) ie. £0.88 per nappy. You can get even better deals if you buy more packs) by shopping here (if you are in the UK). Of course, I’m assuming, like me, you are incontinent and don’t have to pay VAT. A case of 48 Abri-Form Premium Air Plus X-Plus Will cost you (from here, Dorset Nursing Supplies are generally considered the cheapest and most reliable distributor of Abri-Forms) costs £37.91 plus £5.70 delivery (plus VAT on the delivery) so they work out at £0.93 per nappy.

So the modern little’s nappy actually works out at 5p per nappy cheaper than what I was using previously (notice past tense being used here). When you wear nappies pretty much all of the time you get through a lot in a year and so any saving soon add up, especially if one places larger orders with the company I gave a link to. If it saves daddy money, that he can give me in extra pocket money, I don’t mind losing a little bit of bulk (until they are wet, that is), and I want to be like those lucky little littles so from now on it’s Tena Slip Ultima adult diapers for this little boy  – hooray!