Snaps4U shortalls review

Animal snaps still hold!

One of the things that I’ve noticed appearing at more and more adult baby and little events are shortalls from the eBay store Snaps4U. Snaps4U shortalls have looked good too. The reviewing team at Toddlerism (me) is always on the lookout for good new toddler clothes so I procured two pairs of Snaps4U shortalls for review purposes.

The Snaps4U shortalls normally come with a matching onesie or a ‘diaper shirt’ and sadly both the Snaps4U shortalls I got came with diaper shirts rather than onesies so I cannot comment on the quality of them. Here are the two diaper shirts that came with my shortalls:

The ‘zoo’-themed diaper shirt was made from a material with a great print. It had high quality cuffs sewn on the ends of the arms. The shirt that came with my Elmo Snaps4U shortalls may have been well constructed but it was made from the most unpleasant artificial material I have ever encountered in clothing, truly repulsive.

The pictures above show quite clearly what is meant by ‘diaper shirt’, namely the t-shirt is cut so high there is absolutely no chance of your nappy being slightly covered. This might be all right if you wear these clothes for purely fetishistic reasons. However, those of us who actually wear little clothes in public, because that’s how we feel most comfortable, will find these shirts prone to rising up out of the Snaps4U shortalls leaving bare skin on display and open to the elements.

My view is if you are actually intending to wear the Snaps4U shortalls then get one with a onesie rather than a ‘diaper shirt’. The ‘diaper shirts’ can be left for those who want a quick one off the wrist in their shortalls and nothing else, rather than buying clothes they intend to use for their original purpose.

The Snaps4U shortalls themselves are supposedly made from pre-owned shortalls that have been carefully restored and had snaps put in the legs for easy changes. I found one pair of Snaps4u shortalls had obviously only been pre-owned by a shop as it still had the labels attached to it.

Pre-owned? Brand new!

Of course I didn’t mind having a brand new shortall ‘mod’ from Snaps4U! The other Snaps4U shortall I got had clearly been owned before but it was in perfectly reasonable condition. The denim was just a bit faded and I see no problem with that. In both pairs the snaps had been put in skilfully and it doesn’t seem likely that they’ll break at any point.

The new Snaps4U shortall had an Elmo design on the front bib. It was certainly cute and did match the shirt that came with it, it is just a shame that shirt was made of such awful material. Here’s what it looks like:

As you can see, the fit isn’t bad, but perhaps a little tight. I ordered for two inches above my waist size to accommodate nappies but in future I shall go for a 44″ waist rather than a 42″ waist. I think it’s best not to be constricted as it makes putting things into the pockets difficult and so on.

The second pair of Snaps4U Shortalls I got was jungle themed, by which I mean it had the jungle diaper shirt and more of the same jungle material sewn around the base of the legs. I thought this was a great look. Here it is:

Again the bib is well located for a tall person but the fit is a little tight. Go for those extra inches! The animal material around the bottom of these Snaps4U shortalls is very cute and I look forward to wearing these at the next preschool meet-up on 2nd March. I will happily wear these out in public when it is a bit warmer, especially if I can lose a bit of weight (fat chance!).

Now, the test of good adult baby shortalls is how good the snaps are. Will they pop open all the time when you are trying to speak to your doctor, for example, or will they only open when daddy pulls them open for a change. Let me sit down in the Snaps4U shortalls and give them a test!

And, of course, the snaps open of Snaps4U shortalls when daddy needs access:

Overalls I would rate Snaps4U shortalls highly, all you need to remember is to get one with a onesie and to get a size large enough so you are not squeezed in. If you can manage that you are onto a winner with Snaps4U. Looking at a chum’s recent purchase on Tumblr it appears they do custom designs on the bib pockets as well! You can find Snaps4U online shop here and they are also on Tumblr here. They have good base materials, the snaps don’t open willy-nilly and the designs are cute, what more could a toddler ask of his shortalls?