Two Kindle age regression ebooks

Babysat front cover

Since developing paranoid schizophrenia my once whopping great pleasure, reading, has largely become a closed book to meSmile1 . When I do read things they are generally short stories and often directed at a childish audience. I feel I must point out that my mental impairment did not stop me from spotting the first Harry Potter book as a load of petulent and drivelly witterings of a sub-literate, lowest common denominator-milker. I read no more of Rowling’s work, for work it truly was indeed!

However, I serendipitously found myself in possession of a Kindle Fire HDX 7″ 64GB and I thought, by way of diversion from filling it with games and music, that I might get some ebooks for it. I got all of my favourite books from years gone by (like Haroun and the Sea of Stories , the best children’s story ever, and Jorge Luis Borges’ Fictions , the most intellectually coruscating short stories I’ve read), then I wondered if there were any books suitable for those into age-play. Colin Milton seems to have written a few:

However, all of this seems like heterosexual rhythm reading to me. In principle, there is nothing wrong with gratifying yourself with grumble gear, but the heterosexual thing puts me off. At Oxford I had a testicle-aching amount of sex with women, but meeting the right people made me realise I preferred superannuated little boys and the men who are good enough to care for us littles.

Moreover, I’m not thrilled with the onanism side of such books. Indeed, as a little who lives and breathes the little lifestyle I find any form of sex alien to my nature and unnervingly repulsive. I once had a girlfriend who agreed to change my nappies but only if we had sex during each change. I realise this can only be dreamt of by some adult babies. I found it so unlike how I felt things should be and consequently so utterly horrible that I dumped her (very nicely, I hope I need not add) three days and about fifteen appearances of the ‘beast with two backs’ after this arrangement began. So I didn’t buy a  Colin Milton book.

You may be getting the feeling I was onto a loser here. Compared to the availability of heterosexual age-play books there’s a vanishingly small amount of gay stuff especially if you only want hints of gayness and only vague allusions to that awkward stuff with rude bits and holes and so on. Fortunately I stumbled across Sarah Baum’s two excellent age regression ebooks which fitted my requirements for a little diversion perfectly.

Both of the ebooks deal with age regresssion in a magical realism-style – there is a source of mystical power that can alter the age of people. I read Babysat first and found it well-written and quite charming.

The story is about a teenage boy who finds a watch that has the power to draw age from people and deliver it into another person. When a college student comes to baby sit the boy’s younger brothers he gets enough age sucked out of him to regress him to a baby and that age is re-distributed amongst the teenage boy and his younger brothers. This makes them old enough to look after the ‘new’ baby college boy in some scenes that are described quite tenderly and some that capture the fun little boys have with those younger than them. It also describes the college boy’s confusion and his adaptation to having a baby’s body and mind quite well. You can read it in 30-45 minutes and for £0.99 that’s a good lot of smiling time.

Sarah Baum‘s second book that I read, In the Sandbox, is a darker, more manipulative book. As seems de rigeur it revolves around a college student and his girlfriend who go on an archaeological dig in South America. Turns out the professor running the dig has designs on the boy (make him into a baby, and more, and give him the childhood he never had) and his girlfriend (make her his and make her look after her baby ex-boyfriend) using ancient powers he has discovered that give him control over space and time. The descriptions of the college student retaining his adult mind and thoughts whilst he is being dominated totally and having his girlfriend taken away are a touch unsettling. This is another well-written short story that you want to keep on reading so is well worth the minimal cost.

These two Kindle age regression ebooks are perfect examples of the genre. Obviously they have fantasy elements but most of the descriptions of interactions between the babies and larger people are entirely innocent and just want you would hope for if you were in the position of those babies. I really enjoyed them and if you have a Kindle or a Kindle app on your device these get a hearty recommendation from this little boy; they stopped me from bothering daddy for AGES!