Funzee onesies review


This is Funzee onesies review. This title irks me somewhat as the term onesie has changed meaning in the world of bigs, and that change has trickled down to littles. For littles who have been around for as long as I have this is a onesie, whereas this is a sleeper. However, on Funzee‘s website they are onesies not sleepers so this is a Funzee onesies review.

I got two Funzee onesies for the purposes of this review. Both of them are made out of cotton because I just find fleece too hot to wear unless I’m running to the outhouse to be sick in Alaska (perhaps more of that anecdote another time, although my duckling sleeper/onesie was universally admired by a bunch of forest scientists). Neither of them have feet, because Funzee think them unhygienic, but they do have ankle and wrist cuffs, pockets (including an iPod breast pocket) and some other features I show below.

The first of my Funzee onsies is a Spring Funzee onesie with sheep print on green cotton, take a look;

As the pictures show, the onesie comes with a hood and is well-provided with bum space. What it doesn’t show is how soft the cotton feels against your skin – they are so comfortable!

The second Funzee onesie I procured had a bum flap! Quite what I’ll use it for I don’t know as there will always be a nappy underneath. I suppose it is possible I may want to show that off  Embarassed It is a Funzee onesie with bum flap ‘Retro Style’ (black and red stripes). Take a look at some pictures:

This came with a hood as well as the bumflap but you can also get it without a hood or bumflap.

Again the cotton material it is made from is super soft and really comfortable. Even though it doesn’t have feet the socks are a good alternative and only cost £2 (if ordered with a onesie from Funzee). Not I’m diabetic I’m supposed to wear something on my feet all the time so the grippy socks are a good buy for me.

Anyway, daddy says I look cute in both the Funzee onesies even though neither has feet and that’s a good enough recommendation for me!

I love the wonderful cotton material that’s soft and comfortable, allowing your skin to breathe so it’s warm when it is (not too) cold and doesn’t make you sweat in a warm bed. But what I like most is that they are priced like regular items of clothing rather than specialist-wear. And they are normal items of clothing, The stripes and sheep are vaguely childish but they don’t make any explicitly babyish onesies. I am very happy with my two and I am a full on little, but if you are one of those closet littles who wants to be one but (for some reason I cannot begin to fathom) does not want anyone to know, then Funzee onesies are the supplier for you. They are sold as regular adult clothing so you can wear one and no one will know… If you think they they don’t already!

Funzee onesies, at least the cotton one’s I’ve tried, get this superannuated toddler’s thumbs up. They are affordable, very comfortable and, as daddy says, very cute to be seen in. You can buy them at the links I’ve given above or on their homepage.