Guest review of Aww So Cute’s footed sleeper by Baby Boy Lee

Lee in in his Aww So Cute adult baby footed sleeper with his monkey

Baby Boy Lee has kindly provided this guest review of a footed sleeper from Aww So Cute. Long time readers may recall I have reviewed their cute but overpriced adult baby diapers, and sneered at the awfulness of their onesies. Lee has had a different experience shopping with Aww So Cute – read on to find out more!

Lee in in his Aww So Cute adult baby footed sleeper with his monkey

Aww So Cute have new adult baby footed sleepers which come in the choice of baby blue dinosaurs or baby pink elephants. For the purpose of this review I bought the baby blue dinosaur print footed sleeper. It arrived quickly from the USA and was packaged discreetly.

The footed sleepers are made from fleece so it is nice and cosy to wear in the winter months and are very comfortable to wear around the house or in bed. The adult baby footed sleeper supports your nappy very well, which always helps. It has a nice baby dinosaur print with added RAWR!! The background is blue and white striped print and altogether they look really cute.

They have snaps which go from your neck to the ankle on both sides meaning easier nappy changes. I would say the snaps are a bit flimsy looking but despite this they hold well and are remarkably strong.

Lee's Aww So Cute adult baby footed sleeper with the snaps open

The footed soles on the pyjamas are more like sewn on booties with elastic in the ankle. This stops them moving about on your – a good thing.

They cost $39.95 and I had to pay international shipping to the UK on top of that, so the total came to about £50. I think they are worth it. The only other footed pyjamas like it I have seen are from Privatina; they cost double the price of this. As a recent addition to the Aww So Cute product list, I think it is a great item and the next adult baby must have.

In other words, I love this footed sleeper so much!

Many thanks, Lee! You can contact Lee via his Tumblr account or via his Twitter account.