Abri-Form Premium Air Plus adult diaper review

Davy's bum in an Abri-Form Premium Air Plus

The Abri-Form Premium Air Plus adult diaper is the replacement for the old Abena Abri-Form adult nappy. I got my first case early this week and I’ve been wearing them almost continuously, including overnight and at two serious wine tastings in London. Here I present a complete adult diaper review (or adult incontinence brief review, if you prefer).

The Abri-Form Premium Air Plus adult diaper is available in the same absorption categories as the old Abri-Form, Super, Plus and Extra- (or X-)Plus. I got the X-Plus as I wear most of the time and it is convenient not to have to change every five minutes. This is especially at night where I apparently turn into the Captain Cook Memorial Fountain in Canberra.

The Abri-Form Premium Air Plus adult diaper differs from the old Abri-Form in that it has a textured, ‘cloth-like’ paper outer to the diaper. A lot of people have got quite worked up about this, and I shall save my comments on this specifically until the end of this review, but for the time being I think it worth pointing out when I unwarapped my first pack I found myself thinking, “Great! These are like babies’ nappies have been for the past decade!”.

As you can see from the obligatory crotch shot below, they don’t look too different, from the old Abri-Form’s I’ve reviewed previously:

The obligatory adult diaper crotch shot

You can see I’m a large three year old so I take the Large X-Pluses known as L4’s.

The first improvement you notice when you put them on is that the side panels are no longer stiff plastic but have a slight elastic nature. This leads to a better fit and less chance of leaking. They feel comfortable, wide and thick when your daddy yanks them up between your legs and does up the tapes. Well… they do when MY daddy yanks them up… 🙂

The tapes have been improved as well. On the Abri-Form Premium Air Plus adult diaper they don’t seem to work loose or snap off during the night as they did on the old Abri-Forms; they hold more strongly. There is still the double tape system with one tape you can use to attach the adult diaper and one tape you can peel off to detach the diaper when it’s full and use to tape the adult nappy into an easily disposable unit.

Abri-Form Premium Air Plus adult diapers are very comfortable to wear despite being wide and thick as they are… or should that be: BECAUSE they are wide and thick. They haven’t disturbed my sleep or rubbed painfully when I’ve been walking a lot. THe textured surface makes them soft against your skin and the elasticity of the side panels makes them very easy to walk in. Travelling to the station, sitting for an hour on the train, walking to and around wine tastings and walking to lunch, all before a change (and I’ve done this twice), has proved perfectly possible and problem free.

Part of that lack of a problem comes from the amount  Abri-Form Premium Air Plus adult diapers hold. They hold a lot. An X-Plus will last me best part of a day or all night, and I’ve already described my bladder’s enthusiasm at night (note: I used to wet the bed at night but since developing type 1 diabetes ten days before Christmas things have gone berserk in bed; I wake up with what I can only imagine are the world’s heaviest adult nappies but  Abri-Form Premium Air Plus X-Plus adult nappies can take it all).

Since they hold a lot it is a good job they offer good protection against leaks. There are leg elastics, internal leak guards, and hydrophobic strips around the top to stop wee escaping. I sleep with a Winnie the Pooh absorbent bed pad with plastic backing underneath my bum and I haven’t had to wash it in the morning since getting the new Abri-Form Premium Air Plus adult diapers (although, to be honest, whilst I did have to wash it with the old Abena Abri-Forms, it was only about once or twice a week).

Davy's bum in an Abri-Form Premium Air Plus


Like with all disposable diapers, adult and baby alike, I would still STRONGLY RECOMMEND wearing plastic pants on top of them – stinky sheets and ruined mattresses are beyond a pain. I still have a soft spot for Baby-Pants (US) as a supplier of plastic pants, although Shop4PVC, CosynDry (both in the UK), and LL Medico (US) are also worth buying from (for reviews of these suppliers see here, here, here and here, respectively).

This brings me onto one of the main complaints raised about the cloth-like cover that more and more adult diapers are being produced with: that because it’s like cloth it leaks like cloth. The simple answer is, they don’t. The textured cover is only a cover on top of plastic, which is as leak resistant as the old plastic ‘covered’ adult nappies. As I said at the beginning, nappies for chronological babies have had textured covers for about a decade and no one that I am aware of is up in arms about their appalling leakage. This complaint is simply nonsense.

The real reason that people do not like the chronological baby nappy-like covers is that they are resistant to change. They remember the crinkly plastic from when they first were putting on diapers and they want the same experience ten-plus years later. Alas… NO! Not Alas! Brilliantly, change happens. The increased comfort provided by the elastic sides of these Abri-Form Premium Air Plus adult diapers, the better tapes and the reduced skin irritation when walking for a long time shows that, as it almost invariably is, change is good.

If you are resistant to change with diapers you may as well insist that using cloth nappies and taking them in a wooden bucket to your nearest river is THE ONLY WAY THINGS CAN BE. And if you fit into that category you can go back to using comedically dated software like Windows XP, Windows 3.1, OS/X, Android 2.1, or whatever you got comfortable with an age ago, and now hide away with from the vast improvements that happen in life all around us all the time whilst you are at it.

Abri-Form Premium Air Plus adult diapers are undoubtedly an improvement that I and my bed feel drier at night because of, I feel more little wearing as they are more like actual babies nappies and I feel more comfortable wearing as they fit better and are less abrasive.

Davy in an Abri-Form Premium Air Plus


Remember, we are little, our essence is experiencing and accepting new things! Don’t get stuck in some fuddy duddy past where you crinkle as you wonder at the ‘high-technology’ of a grid of static icons! Embrace the change!

I got mine from Dorset Nursing Supplies (UK) who offer online ordering, next day delivery and keen prices. I’m VAT exempt so they are even cheaper!