Two pieces of bad news

My birthday present picture

I’m sorry to say I have bad news for you today. Some concerning one of my favourite adult baby clothes suppliers and some concerning the frequency of adult baby clothes reviews over the next month or so. I do have a couple of good pictures for you, one was a birthday gift for my third birthday just passed.

Sadly, Auntie V of Very Special Clothes has decided to retire and will be making no more clothes after the end of December. This is a real shame as she made some of the best adult baby clothes you could buy and, for handmade, made-to-measure clothes of that quality, she was remarkably affordable. She was the only person I know of who could do ‘lap shoulder’ clothes for larger littles, even ones as large as me!

So I strongly suggest you get over to her website and place your orders whilst you still can. I am hampered in what I can order at the moment (see below), but I think I’d be a fool not to get one more of Auntie V’s brilliant adult baby creations.

I don’t think I’ve posted this picture before, but it is of me in my giraffe overalls and underneath a lap-shoulder short-legged onesie that is one of my favourite items of adult baby clothing. The picture was taken just before a little event, I think I look quite the part!

Davy in giraffe overalls before a little event

My second piece of bad news also is related to adult baby clothes. Daddy and I have just reorganised the flat so we could set up the playroom. It turns out I have a truly staggering amount of little clothes so daddy has banned me from buying any more for the time being. This means, unless some generous maker is willing to send me some samples to review, there won’t be many adult baby clothes reviews for the next couple of months or so. I’m sorry about this, but I have quite a catalogue of adult baby supplier reviews, and there is always the chance some kind maker of adult baby clothes will send me stuff to review. PLEASE, go on! I’m not easily bought but I give fair, accurate and detailed reviews, always with plenty of pictures.

My final comment is that it was my 40th… 3rd birthday recently and a friend drew me a picture to remind me of the joys of youth. My only stipulations were that I like teddy bears and cats, but given this limited information the final result was quite brilliant. Here it is:

My birthday present picture

Great, eh? I’m really chuffed with it and I’ve used it as my avatar on a lot of social networks. One of my very best birthday presents (out of sadly hardly any…. mump…). If you would like to commission a picture from the artist they can be reached via their Tumblr page.

By the way, although you will continue to see the term adult baby dotted around in bold (to catch the search engines, you see?), I have realised I am less of an adult baby and more of a little. It’s not the nappies/diapers that interest me so much as expressing the part of my personality that is a little boy. Consequently I feel it best to term myself a little and revel in the joys of being a three year old boy in tandem with running my more conventional life. I hope this makes what will be an increased frequency of the term little being used on this blog clear.