The best thing about 2013

Playroom panorama

This has appeared in a couple of other places, so apologies if you’ve seen it already (you won’t have seen the picture though), but I thought it a good post to sign off 2013 with and to wish all my readers the happiest of times in 2014.

2013 has not been entirely brilliant for me. Most of the year I have been crippled by an agonising back, I have been quite staggeringly insane for months and I have just developed type 1 diabetes. But there has always been Dani.

He has carried piles of bags of heavy shopping up the hill when even carrying myself would reduce me to screaming and sobbing with pain. He has cooked most of the time, not just when standing at the oven had a similar effect on me. When he moved over to England in 2001 he’d hardly cooked a thing, now he cooks with incredible skill and love – love for the food and love for those who will eat it. Even though he has had a demanding job for most of the year he’s never thought twice about taking time out when I have needed looking after, even though it has cost him a lot of pay.

Playroom panorama

It was his idea to turn the spare room into a playroom for us, and he did most of the work building it (along with refreshing our bedroom in a similar style). We have had some of our happiest moments of the year in that playroom when we have been most ourselves.

And that’s the main reason I love Dani, he does not try to be someone he thinks other people want him to be, there’s no facade, no pretence, Dani is truly himself. And I think that the person Dani is, which he displays so freely, is the most amazing person on Earth. He’s my wonderful daddy, big brother and slightly bigger little boy and I love him with all my being.

Happy New Year to all my readers, I hope 2014 is filled with joy and love for every one of you.