The simple pleasure of being a child

My drawing of a vegetarian sossis tree

This is just a quick post to relish the joys of letting your childish imagination run wild as an adult baby or little. I decided I was going to draw a picture, and I thought it would involve sausages (sossises), but beyond that I had no ideas. So I let little Davy the three year old take over.

I started thinking about sausages and what a weird thing a vegetarian sossis must be. If they weren’t made from pork like real sossises they maybe grown somewhere, and as they look a bit like bananas maybe vegetarian sossises grow on trees like them. So I would draw a picture of a vegetarian sossis tree. Here it is in it’s full glory.

My drawing of a vegetarian sossis tree

It felt brilliant to access little Davy so totally and let what I suppose is the adult baby or little side take over completely and draw what I wanted to draw as I wanted to draw it. It may be rather fanciful, and not all that good, but that’s what three years olds are like and as I was thinking about and drawing this that’s what I was like.

I didn’t think about wine, or that I should have brought my drink with me or any adult stuff; I was totally engaged in the act of little me imagining what a sossis tree would be like and creating it to the best of my abilities. I was concentrating hard and trying my best with the pencils and crayon and when I’d finished I thought I’d done a BEEZER job and that’s what a real vegetarian sossis tree must looks like.

Then big me phased in and I felt wonderfully happy at the joys of imagination and creation. It didn’t matter that the picture was a bit messy, the sausages were random sizes or anything, it just felt great to have done it and been in that zone. It was a brilliant experience that I usually only feel at preschool.

If you haven’t already then I heartily recommend you let you inner little take over and do something that’s raw fun. When older you comes back you’ll feel a sense of release, simple happiness and pure joy that few people encounter.