Walls of sweets at the Old Fashioned Sweetie Shop


My local sweet shop (Old Fashioned Sweetie Shop) has an amazing array of sweets and I wanted to share them with you. They have every kind of sweet you could wish for, including some ones you might not want to; the mixture of biscuit and chocolate crumbs never appealed to me.

It is run by a lovely lady, and her super friendly team, but sadly as I’m only allowed sweets once a week I just see her on ‘sweet Saturday’… Well, and the odd other day as well, if I’ve managed a really winning smile and not vomited on the vicar’s shoes (again).

Here’s a Foundbite of the walls of sweets plus commentary from inside the Old Fashioned Sweetie Shop (as usual with these things, email subscribers will have to come to Toddlerism itself to see the photo plus sound magic):

This little sound and picture slideshow was created using a fun little app for Windows Phone 8 (the greatest mobile operating system!) called Foundbite and it will shortly released on the Windows Phone store. I am a beta tester so I get to play with it early (hehehehe!). It’s a great app that’s easy to use and allows you to share the sights and sounds of your world with the rest of the world. I’m quite a fan! I urge all sensible people (ie WP8 users) to get it as soon as it’s released.

You could try contacting the boss of the company (say Davy Strange sent you on the off-chance my enthusiasm carries the slightest bit of weight with him) and seeing if he’ll let you become a beta tester too; but remember it’s Windows Phone 8 only – so geriatric iOS users and cheapo clone Android fans (hehehehehe!) need not apply.