Farnborough preschool dates for 2014

Davy at preschool with play-dough models

The dates for the New Grange Manor Pre-prep School have been published for 2014. It is a great day out of all the young at heart who want to feel more like themselves than they have ever felt before. It’s one of the most fun things I’ve done since I was three the first time.

For those who don’t know, it runs in Farnborough from 13:30 to 17:00 at a cost of £20 on the door. Nappies cost £1.50 each. There are games, activities and snack time, all suitable for ages three to seven. I probably shouldn’t add this, but a lot of us usually disappear off to the pub afterwards (littles almost invariably choosing soft drinks). If you want more information, here is my introduction to the preschool and here is my report on the first preschool.

If my illness does not persist into the new year, if there is sufficient interest, and if I can find somewhere less vile than the last location I attempted to hold one at, I will be trying to arrange a pre-preschool lunch somewhere in Farnborough so big us can have a chat and get to know each other before little us play and have a wizard time together.

Now the Farnborough preschool dates for 2014:
Saturday 11th Jan 2014
Sunday 2nd March
Saturday 19th April
Saturday 14th June
Sunday 27th July
Saturday 18th October
Christmas preschool will be either Sunday 30th Nov or Saturday 20th December to be discussed and booked

If you want more information or would like to attend the preschool then contact the organiser Miss Livingstone (affectionately known to us three year olds as Miss Luh.).

I hope to see as many of you as possible there, if there’s a little boy or girl inside you they’ll blossom like never before.