A review of The Children’s Book of Baking Cakes

Eating a brownie

Many of my regular readers will know I have a daddy (my partner of twelve years). He sometimes likes to be my six year old brother and recently we decided we wanted to do more things together as little boys (because little boys have so much fun, of course!). One of the things we wanted to do was some baking and so we purchased the Usborne Children’s Book of Baking Cakes and here is a little review of it. Cakes are best, don’t you think? I wouldn’t have wanted the children’s book of boiling vegetables… EEEEEERGH! Here’s Dani and me with The Children’s Book of Baking Cakes:

Dani and Davy with children's cake baking book

Baking cakes with your big brother is BEEZER! You get to say “Yes, chef!”, “No, chef!” and “Don’t know, chef!” all the time you are working. You can divide up the tasks between each other or watch each other like a hawk making sure they are not messing things up… again… (brothers!). And the best thing about making cakes is you get to lick all the bowls clean of cake mix when you’ve finished, how spiffing is that?

The Children’s Book of Baking Cakes is presented attractively with plenty of bright colours and clear, hand-drawn pictures explaining what you should be doing at any stage in the cake baking process. If you are unsure of any of the procedures or terminology there is a very clear illustrated glossary at the end of the book.

The recipes are all perfectly simply for a three and six year old to follow and only spray moderate amounts of icing sugar everywhere whilst making the cakes. The author is not afraid of demanding you small finger-challengingly small amounts of stuff if she feels it will improve the recipes, so you don’t feel you are being patronised. She doesn’t seem to approve of the use of electric mixers, but I suppose that’s fine for children: they’re DANGEROUS!

With some children’s baking books the recipes are simplified to the point of making the resultant produce inedible filth. How about The Children’s Book of Baking Cakes? Well, I think they are great! So far we have made brownies and macaroons and they have both been top bunny. They were completely delicious. Here’s some pictures of the brownies:

We made two batches, one with cherries and nuts, as the The Children’s Book of Baking Cakes suggests, and one with white chocolate chunks and fudge pieces. It’s pretty easy to guess which we preferred! Here are some pictures of my big brother Dani and I enjoying the brownies:

Unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures of the macaroons. They were very nice but the suggested choice of flavoured cream cheese as the filling rather than, say, buttercream, was a little odd.

All in all The Children’s Book of Baking Cakes is an excellent resource for child to learn to bake with. The recipes are simple, clear and well-illustrated, it doesn’t patronise, and the final results are delicious! If you have a sibling (or even your guardian) that you would like to have an awful lot of fun with baking then get this book. You can click that link to buy it and later on I’ll put it in my online store.