Very Special Clothes review

Still grumpy in my Very Secial Clothes onesie with Cordy

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit I had never heard of Very Special Clothes until Nikki brought them to my attention in a comment on this post. Auntie V of Very Special Clothes has been making adult baby clothes for over 20 years. She has a huge customer base and after Nikki’s comment that customer base will include me on a regular basis (I just can’t resist buying adult baby clothes).

Let’s get the reason for me shopping there out of the way first. Nikki told me that the young child ‘lap shoulder‘ designs can work for adult if they are done well. She said they were done well at Very Special Clothes. So I immediately ordered a short-legged onesie and a onesie to test this. as you can see in the photo below, the lap shoulder design can work on adults. You can also see that Auntie V has access to some very cute prints:

A Very SPecial Clothes lap-shoulder onesie

I am not afraid of also admitting I hadn’t shaved for several days when this picture was taken. I’m feeling unwell.

Here are some pictures of me in the short-legged onesie (as usual, email subscribers will have to come to the website to see my galleries):

Pudding is my featured soft toy in those pictures, so named because he looks like a log of socklate pudding.

I also ordered a onesie with a lap shoulder. If you click to see the full size image you’ll see that the print is really cute and also the lap-shoulder works just fine on me:

Cordy the magenta cat is my featured soft toy in those pictures. He’s lovely, he does a really good job of supporting my back when I’m in agony with it.

I was so taken with the designs on the website and Nikki’s positive comments (I think I had also seen her on The 15 Stone Babies, the Channel 4 documentary which I featured in) that I placed a second order before the first had even arrived! That’s very enthusiastic for me, I’m usually very careful. I got some ultra cute shortalls, which I intend to wear out on the next sunny day, and a swimsuit suitable for little boys, which I shall wear on my next trip to the swimming baths. Here they are:

I have only one complaint with Very Special Clothes, and it’s so minor I shouldn’t even be making it. There is an irritating Flash banner on every page of the website that takes a few seconds to load and just causes an error when I’m browsing the site on my mobile devices because they don’t support Flash. It’s totally pointless and shouldn’t be there.

And that’s my only complaint, good, eh?

The clothes are made to measure and Auntie V gives you a very easy measuring chart so she knows your dimensions. It looks daunting at first but only a few measurements are actually required. Make sure you measure yourself with nappies on if you’re going to wear them (and why shouldn’t you? They’re great!) so the measurements are right.

The fit of all the clothes I got was totally perfect (even though I measured myself and I’m largely inept that that sort of thing). The fit is wonderful, in fact, they are some of the very best fitting onesies I’ve ever got, just long enough to hold your diaper in position with no sagging.

None of the adult baby clothes suffered from that ‘slightly shoddy hand made’-look that some made to measure suppliers produce. They are really professionally made and could have been purchased in a shop. My, I’d like to visit that shop.

It takes two weeks to make your clothes, which is a lot faster than the four plus that most hand-makers suggest. She also posts them at very reasonable prices considering the speed of the service (when they get to the UK at least). The clothes are wrapped up like a little present with a ribbon around them so you feel extra happy when you get your cute new adult baby clothes. If you put in a large order, which I haven’t yet as I can only afford small orders, you are promised a little present with your order as well. BEEZER!

The prices are very reasonable for handmade adult baby clothes of this quality. For example, the short legged onesie I got was $45 which I think is perfectly reasonable. You can get training pants for $25 as well which is a keen price. As I said, post costs are very reasonable and Auntie V promises to refund you if PayPal over-change you for postage. The training pants I just ordered (I really can’t hold back) cost a mere $9.95 to get to the UK and I’m sure they’ll be here speedily.

There is a great selection of materials for you to choose from, although the selection process for choosing your materials is a little cumbersome. I’m pleased as chips with the cute prints on my onesies and swimsuit. I seem to recall leaving the choice of the swimsuit material up to Auntie V with the only instruction was that it should be boyish. If you click on the picture about to get a full-resolution shot you’ll see that a cracking printed material she chose. The boat picture on the front of my shortalls is also really spiffing; I’ll look so smart walking around Winchester in them. I hope we can go to the baker, they always love me wearing fun clothes.

So Very Special Clothes get a super top recommendation from me. They are GREAT clothes that are SUPER CUTE, fit brilliantly, are professionally made and perfectly affordable. Click on that link now and buy! Buy!! BUY!!