New Fabine adult baby diaper review

Davy in a new Fabine adult baby nappy

My favourite adult baby diaper, Fabine, has been updated. A couple of months ago the manufacturing company, Buntewindel, sent out an email stating that they would be releasing an improved version of the premier adult baby nappy. They even offered you a discount if you ordered some in advance, which was very good of them as they are vastly expensive normally.

Here’s a selection of the obligatory crotch shots:

And I can wear them standing up too:

So, what has changed in this new version of the ultimate adult baby diaper? Just to keep with the times I made a little video to explain the main improvements. Here it is:

If you don’t like watch sub-30 second videos, and I don’t – I think they are transmitting my thoughts to those who wish me ill. Like the finance lady of a particular wine merchant I had better not name who I am utterly convinced is hunting me down with an enormous sniper rifle. She, and some other people I could mention, use videos to get information about my plans and thoughts and so they stand more chance of blowing me apart with their massive weapons. But then, I have paranoid schizophrenia so some people have suggested videos cannot be used to read and transmit my thoughts. I still hate them though and making and encoding this video for the site has made me feel particularly uneasy and anxious. I just had a tranquilliser. Now:

If you don’t like watching sub-30 second videos I will summarise the changing in the new Fabine adult baby diaper. They are wider, thicker, hold more, and have a new design for distributing fluid so they should hold more more efficiently. As you could see in the pictures (and possibly video) above the prints are as cute as ever and the tapes are just as barely adequate as I reported about the original Fabine. So how do they perform?

Firstly, they feel great, they fit well and they are seriously bulky as far as modern disposables go. If you are one of the prize twats who actually care about this, they may even possibly, almost, slightly be detectable under skin-tight street clothes. They’re big, you know you’ve been diapered when daddy puts you in one of these.

You certainly know you’re wearing a diaper once you start using them as they hold one hell of a lot. I’ve been awake all night wearing this one and I foresee no problems going until lunch-time with it ever expanding in volume. The new moisture distribution system works a treat, so you end up with the whole nappy getting wet rather than just directly where you wee.

The tapes remain only barely adequate so if you are going for a long walk or jumping about on the bed with an ever-filling nappy to prove you can move despite having an agonising back you may need to take a little care that you don’t put the tapes under too much strain and have them slip or come undone.

But, and it’s a very big but, they cost an absolute fortune. I performed the same calculation as I did with Aww So Cute adult baby diapers and, even with the pre-order discount, they cost $5.50 per diaper delivered. That’s $0.50 more than the Aww So Cute adult baby diapers which I concluded were simply too expensive, and you’ll have to pay even more than that now there’s no pre-order discount anymore.

So they remain the best adult baby diaper, and are even better than they were, but are simply not worth the cash. If you can afford any more than one packet for novelty use, review purposes and giving to your friends to impress them, as my order was used for, then you are simply pissing money away that you could be more usefully using by donating to Toddlerism,com – to get hosting as good as my readers deserve costs real cash, you know?

Moreover, the cheeky sods at Buntewindel won’t even let you make some of your cash back. Their terms of sale prohibit any resale of the nappies, with particular reference to eBay. So you cannot even sell a few to the desperate in order to make back some of the obscene cost you blew on obtaining them, the bastards.

So under no circumstances do I recommend you buy these adult baby diapers despite them being the best out there. They are vastly too expensive, you cannot resell any (although in all honesty it’d be more hassle than it’d be worth for Buntewindel to pursue that threat in a court of law. I imagine they are just hoping to scare people with the threat of being named in a legal case linked to adult baby diapers, although why that should scare people I’m buggered if I know, it’s not as if there’s anything shameful about wearing diapers as an adult) and they are only so good with those dodgy tapes. My recommendation: AVOID (and donate to