New Big Tots onesies

Close up of the Big Tots onesie material

I’ve received some new onesies from the Big Tots eBay Store. As I said in my last review, Big Tots onesies are extremely well-made, from cute materials and delivered quickly and at a most reasonable price. I do admire the enthusiasm with which MsLorainex, the maker, puts on the snaps; they’ll never come off! I also like the snaps on the shoulders of these. OK, I don’t really need them but I think they are a cute touch.

There are a lot of pictures of Big Tots Onesies in the gallery below (email subscribers will have to come to the website to see the gallery), including close-ups of the ultra-cute materials, me standing around, and me on the time out spot when I was naughty for saying a rude word! Poo! I hate being naughty! The pictures easily demonstrate the quality of the work, the loveliness of the materials, and that MsLorainex gives accurate sizing if they fit a huge toddler like me perfectly! Here are the pictures:

 I also made a little Instagram video on out on my way shopping by the Great Hall (completed 1222CE) here in Winchester:

The quality of these Big Tots onesies only makes me want to recommend them further. Get over to their eBay store now!