Custom-printed adult baby nappies

Davy in a custom-printed adult baby nappy

All of us like the personal touch so you may be pleased to learn there is a supplier of custom-printed adult baby nappies in the UK; he kindly sent me a few to try.

The nappies themselves are plain white with printing across the tape landing zone. You can choose your own printing and so have whatever you like on your nappies. I have to say I was quite pleased to have some custom adult baby nappies. custom adult baby printed nappy

The printing is high quality and does not rub off unlike some nappies. It looks quite nice across the front of your nappy and you can show off anything you like about yourself, depending on the design you choose, as you walk about in you custom-printed adult baby nappies.

The nappies themselves are actually pretty good. Perhaps they feel a little thin but they’ve easily serviced me on an extended night’s sleep after sneaking a bottle of daddy’s wine-juice. They are comfortable too, easy to wear and, if you really care about this (and you bloody shouldn’t), they are totally undetectable under street clothes. Here’s a few pictures of me wearing one:

So good nappies with you choice of design: winner! What’s the damage?

The maker, Keven, charges £1.50 per printed nappy plus post and packing with a minimum order of ten nappies. You can contact him by email here.

If you want some nappies with custom-prints then you can’t go wrong. Your choice of design, quality, comfortable nappies that hold a reasonable amount and they are dead cheap into the bargain: beezer! I recommend Keven’s service without hesitation.

By the way, Keven will be at NatNapUK in November.