Cushybums rompers review

Phew! I just farted!

Cushybums is an adult baby clothes store done right. They have concentrated on getting a few items made to professional quality, sell them at the reasonable price they should be, and deliver them quickly without excessive expense. Cushybums rompers for adult babies, or indeed, any adult with a sense of fun, are the items I am reviewing today and they are the main product they sell (in addition to some diapers, but I don’t need to get them from the USA).

Adult baby clothes tend to appear on eBay in erratic quantities, of variable design, in random sizes and at unpredictable times. Cushybums rompers are on their shop page in large numbers, in a wide range of well-described sizes, and they are very cheap. The two I got cost me a shade over fifteen pounds each, plus very reasonable and fast postage from the USA, and that is how adult baby products should be priced.

There is nothing challenging about making commodity adult baby clothes in large numbers in a range of sizes, and, judging by the number of pictures of these I’ve seen on Tumblr, this is a very successful business model. Why don’t more people do this? Design some standard sizes, get someone in China to knock up a few hundred for pence, then sell them at a reasonable price to a desperate, hungry and usually broke market. I hope Cushybums expand their range to other adult baby clothes and keep the same business model – I’ll be hooked!

So, in the realm of adult baby clothes what do Cushybums rompers look like? Here is the first I got from them (sorry email subscribers, you’ll have to come to the site to see the gallery). It is the undersea design:

Sorry for farting in those pictures… hehehehehe!

As you can see, the fit is great, as you would expect from a professionally made product rather than a one off novelty item, and it’s really cute!

When he was doing up the snaps on the little legs daddy said, “Hmmmm… maybe some of your other recent purchases have had better snaps.” So I pulled them all undone and told him to try again. When I got out of the corner (POO!) he tried again and admitted that the snaps where just fine. I’m wearing that Cushybums romper now with a huge cloth nappy on and squirming about because I’m in the uncomfortable seat and the snaps are holding just fine. And the little legs are really cute!

So I shelled out the laughably low price to get their other design, Thomas and Toddlers; words carefully chosen, I assume, to avoid copyright problems. I’ve put the message printed on the bum in the gallery and there’s also a zoom of the logo. Here is what it looks like:

So if you are looking for a cute adult baby romper I cannot recommend the Cushybums eBay store highly enough. They are well-made, good sizes, plentifully available and cheap! Go and buy!