Coming out as an adult baby

Me with my teddy bear

Firstly, I must apologise if this blog post is not up to my usual standard. I’m floridly psychotic and part of this manifests it’s self by me seeing strange extra words appearing in the text which are sometimes real and I have typed unknowingly, and sometimes are merely phantoms which move around, change into different words or disappear entirely, So if there’s an excessive degree of oddness about this post it’s simply because I am.

I get a lot of messages asking me about coming out as an adult baby. I always assume that ‘coming out’ means telling someone or many people everything about yourself and the type of person you are all in one go. I’ve only really done this one and a half times.

One time was when I appeared on the UK TV program ‘The 15-Stone Babies’. Here’s my favourite clip:

Since most of my friends already knew I am a little boy this didn’t come as much of a surprise to them. The few friends who did not know I had a teddy bear, wore baby clothes and nappies, etc. received it very well and, as the program was airing, I got many positive emails, calls and texts. All of them were extremely supportive.

The half-time I came out was on my professional site last year when, just before my birthday, I moaned and complained about being a rancid old fart and so I said on my next birthday following in a month I had decided to be three. I didn’t come out saying I liked nappies, wore toddler clothes, etc. but I did link to an Amazon wish list that was full of onesies, training pants and Lego toys. My readers of wine ephemera were very generous and for about a month I laughed and laughed each day the post was delivered and I got some new treat or other.

So if I have only come out one and a half times how does everybody know that I’m a large toddler? It’s simply because I believe in being myself. If anyone has any questions about who I am they can ask and I will respond in accurate but terse terms.

Me with my teddy bear

Me with my teddy. Sorry about the 10-day shadow, I’m not allowed near razors at the moment

For example, when I started carrying around a teddy bear back when I was 18 my mother didn’t say anything for a while. Then the conversation came and it went something like this:
Mother: Why are you carrying a teddy bear around?
Me: I like to have Teddy, he makes me happy.
Mother: But isn’t that a bit childish?
Me: I suppose so, but I don’t see any harm in that if it makes me happy.
Mother: Oh… Well… OK….

Of course, there were many similar conversations, about wearing toddler clothes, having toys, wearing nappies, until the message was amply clear that that was the sort of person I was.

I’ve had many similar conversations with many other people and they’ve all boiled down to:
Q: Why do you do that?
A: Because that’s the kind of person I am.

I don’t come out and blurt out everything about myself in a huge torrent of a confession. I just behave like I wish to behave and if anyone wants to ask me questions about it they are welcome to. No one has ever asked me any offensive questions or responded offensively to my answers – I’ve never has a bad reaction telling anyone in real life, in this manner, that I’m an adult baby

So my advice for how to come out as an adult baby is don’t. Just be yourself, be relaxed and calm, and deal with any questions in accurate, brief terms when they arise. You don’t have to go into too much detail; in fact I’d say your answers would almost invariably be, “Because doing that makes me happy.”

Coming out about being an adult baby is no biggie, you don’t have to tell everyone everything at once, you just have to be yourself. And surely, that’s the whole point about being an adult baby, you are being yourself. If someone asks a baby a question they will get a simple, (hopefully) honest answer. And that strategy has worked wonders for me.