Baby-Pants shortalls

Baby-Pants shortalls button

I’m afraid there is no way I am up to writing a full blog post, so here I present a mini-review of Baby-Pants Shortalls for adult babies.

We may as well cut straight to the chase, here’s what they look like:

They look great, don’t they? The Baby-Pants shortalls fit really well too. they have a snap crotch and wearing them over a couple of hours (including a visit to the doctor) they didn’t snap open once. This shows they are well designed and of a high quality; normally snap crotches are just a pain as they come open every time you sit down or stand up (which wouldn’t have been so good on my trip to the doctor).

They have really good details. Here’s a button with Baby-Pants branding:

Baby-Pants shortalls button

And there’s great Baby-Pants branding on the back too:

Baby-Pants shortalls back

And just for laughs here’s a little video of me in the Baby-Pants shortalls:

As always with the pricing is keen, including delivery which is always fast to the UK. All in all an excellent product.

My one gripe, which is minor as I will fix it myself, is that it would be nice if they put appliques on the bib pocket. Once I have posted this I shall go and find a cute one on eBay – a dinosaur, I think.

I unhesitatingly recommend the shortalls. They are a keenly priced, high-quality product that I will be wearing an awful lot in what remains of the summer. Top stuff!