Aww So Cute diaper review

Davy pictured from the business end in an Aww So Cute diaper

Note: this review of Aww So Cute diapers was originally meant to be a collaboration between ABJane and me. However, I thought the preview article she sent me spoke so clearly with her voice it would be a shame to dilute that with my, admittedly vastly skilled, editing. I’ll put in a link to her article here when it’s published. Jane’s article is published here. We did, however, agree to share some pictures and some if her are in with those of me in this review of Aww So Cute diapers.

You cannot deny, Aww So Cute make a real effort to make their adult baby diapers look as cute as possible. Just look at the packaging:

It’s really good to see manufacturers like Aww So Cute and Cuddlz make an effort with their product, but in this case that effort appears to have cost a frightening amount. If you buy 10 Aww So Cute adult baby diapers in the USA they will cost you a stunning $4 per nappy to acquire.

Usually living in England is a relative advantage, but not when buying Aww So Cute diapers. To get your order of 10 delivered you’ll have to pay an eye-watering $5 per nappy plus any import taxes. Buying 10 Cuddlz nappies  costs ~$3 per diaper and I rather like them.

Aww So Cute diapers had better be damned good if I’m not going to get into a huff about blowing my loony writers’ money on them when I could have purchased better for less. Let us remind ourselves, the competition is pretty stiff. Cuddlz all-over printed nappies manage quality at a keen price. I still think the all-conquering Fabine Exklusiv adult baby diapers remain all-conquering in all regards except their poor tapes.

So what of Aww So Cute diapers? Firstly, they look the dream adult baby cute diaper. Here’s the crotch-shots to give you an idea.


What these pictures should show you, beyond that Jane is considerably more supple and less hairy than me (I wish you could get pills for that…), is that the crotch of the Aww So Cute nappy is incredibly wide. It’s fine, indeed quite nice, as it is, but if it were any wider it’d be pushing things too far and be uncomfortable.

What you may not be able to deduce from those pictures is that the diaper is not amazingly thick. It’s a little thicker than the Cuddlz printed nappy, but doesn’t come close to the waddle-mongous Fabine Exklusiv. We shall see later if what it lacks in depth it makes up for in width in terms of absorbance.

Here’s some pictures of Jane and my bums to give you a better idea of fit:

Ignoring that ‘almost too wide’-issue the fit is very good and most comfortable to wear. They are wide enough so if you have one on you won’t forget it. Their thinness makes them almost undetectable under street clothes (if that sort of thing really bothers you! Does it? If the average stranger, who’s in the process of examining your arse in public, suddenly thinks “Oh, that poor chap seems to be wearing an incontinence pad” that’s all they will think. They will not shout, “This swine is the biggest pervert ever to walk the Earth! Let’s quickly form a lynch mob and tar and feather the filthy devil!” They will not think or say anything like that and if you think they might then you are a PRIZE TWAT).

With good leg elastic and inner leg guards they are as proof against leaks as the best diapers out there. Nothing to set them apart here. A couple of times when daddy was putting me in the few diapers that form the basis of this review a tape came loose or didn’t stick very well first time. The tapes didn’t seem particularly strong in general but that literally only happened a few times. Otherwise the tapes held well through a night of sleep or an afternoon out shopping and looking at the ducks in Winchester.

Again, the absorbency was good but not out of the ordinary. They’d handle a night and a lazy morning before a change, or an afternoon after slurping daddy’s beer juice down the boozer. They were good, sure, but not as good as a vastly cheaper Abri-Form or Tena, let alone the Moses-level drying ability of Fabine. You need more than a pretty face to survive in this demanding market!

Before my conclusions, here’s Jane and me from the front in our Aww So Cute diapers:

To summarise, the design is undoubtedly vying for position as most aesthetically pleasing adult baby nappy – I like both these and the original Fabine design equally. However, the performance is nothing out of the ordinary and the cost is astronomical. With Cuddlz, and even Fabines, being cheaper and as good (if not better) these cannot even merit the accolade of vanity diaper of choice. They are simply too expensive, and by spending our merge allocation of hard won pennies on them Jane and I are merely showing off that we’ve got the latest nappies. Shame, Davy and Jane! Be more frugal with your money in future (yeah, as if!). I cannot recommend Aww So Cute adult baby diapers, they are simply a bit of cute for an awful lot of loot.