Final dates: Farnborough age play preschool dates 2013

Painting table

Those of you who remember the adult role play preschool I previewed back in April may be pleased to know the first term was generally considered a success (read my report about the first term of New Grange Manor Pre Prep School here and the wonderful ABJane’s report on it here). Consequently, three further dates have been arranged for role play preschool events this year. They are:

17th August
Sunday 13th October
Either Sunday 8th December

Each event runs from 13:30 to 17:00 and costs £20 on the door.

There will be a variety of activities suitable for ages three to seven and for the younger children there will be nappy changing facilities with male and female staff on hand to help all the activities run smoothly. See my preview and first term reports (linked to above) for more details of the activities. Some are pictured below.

The role play preschool event on 8th December will be extra special as it will feature a Christmas party and Father Christmas could well drop by to hand out presents to all the little girls and boys who attend. Hooray!

For those who attended the first term of New Grange Manor Pre Prep School in May you may not know the next three terms will be happening at a new location. Still in Farnborough, the new venue is at the end of a private road and has an enclosed, locked garden that we age player little girls and boys will be safe to go out and play in if we chose to (there’s no obligation to be outside in your little clothes).

The venue has been switched back to the location of the first preschool.

Davy at preschool with play-dough models

Like last time I will be organising a lunch meet up before each adult preschool event (well, that’s the plan so far;). So if you have confirmed that you are coming (see below) an feel like being eased into the whole thing, contact me and I’ll add you to the list of people I’ll keep informed about going to a friendly Farnborough establishment for lunch before our afternoon’s fun.

If you want any more information about the adult pre prep school, want to know about the school discussion group or confirm your attendance and get the event address contact the headmistress Miss Livingstone. I can promise that all who are little at heart will feel themselves like never before at the Farnborough role play preschool.

Many thanks to wonderful, wonderful ABJane who provided several photos.