Goodbye Nevergrownup

Close-up of Davy's Monster-print shorts

I have frequently been positive about the adult baby clothes supplier Nevergrownup on this site. Deservedly so! The shop has always stocked a broad range of well-made adult baby clothing (with a slight leaning towards little boy clothes, which suits me just fine), the prices have always been quite reasonable and customer service faultless. Consequently, it is with marked sadness that I have to tell you Nevergrownup will stop trading at the end of summer 2013.

Davy's derriere in dino diaper

The charming and thoughtful owner of Nevergrownup, Benny, is fulfilling a dream and going to university as a mature student. I’m sure you will all join me in congratulating him on winning his place at university and wishing him well in his studies. My mother and I were at Oxford pretty much contemporaneously, ultimately studying for four degrees each – culminating in doctorates. Consequently, I’m both well aware of that studying at university is hard work and also that it’s vastly more expensive and charged with tortuosity as a mature student with a full adult life behind you. Benny will, quite understandably, need to focus all his on his degree program.

Benny will simply be too busy to make his stylish sartorial spreads for superannuated sprogs, hence the closure of his business. He has stopped making custom orders (like the splendiferous shorts of singular stridence he skilfully sewed for me shown in the snap below) and will sell off acculumated stock over the summer.

Close-up of Davy's Monster-print shorts

Fortunately for we fans of Nevergrownup Benny tells me the remaining stock will be sold with significant discounts; you not only have a final chance to buy from this excellent adult baby supplier but also it will cost you less than normal. Cracking! So keep an eye on the Nevergrownup website and be ready to snap up brilliant items to build your wardrobe at bargain prices.

Of course, if you buy from Benny you will be helping him fund the university course he’s worked so hard to attain. Since Benny had illuminated the adult baby world so brightly I will certainly keep an eye on his website and buy whatever funds allow (and daddy deems desirable) so Benny is not a totally penniless student – I urge you to do the same. You’ll only be better dressed if you do!