Meeting before the 18 May preschool event

Davy with lunch box

If you intend to attend the 18 May age play preschool event in Farnborough and would like to meet some other littles before it starts then read on!

My big brother and I will be attending the 18 May age play preschool event and, as we’ve been talking about it, we’ve decided it might be a good idea to meet some attendees before it starts. Not many of us will know each other beyond internet interactions, and the prospect of age playing your little self all afternoon with a bunch of strangers can clearly cause perturbation. All of us might feel a bit better if we had some idea of the people we’d be playing with and got to know them in advance. This might be even better for some if it involves a disinhibiting little drinkie;)

I am currently examining Farnborough’s selection of pubs and restaurants and will hopefully find a relaxed, quiet venue to have a drink or two and a nice bite to eat (that won’t challenge my hilariously limited finances). I will aim to be there first and wear something (not too;) distinctive so everyone will know which table to aim for and have someone to talk to no matter if they get there a bit early. If I’m booking a table somewhere I really need to know, in advance, how many people want to make some friends before preschool.

Davy with lunch box

If you’d like to join a bunch of us for lunch in Farnborough before the age play preschool event then you need send me a message using the contact form on this site. Please include the following information:

  • Your email address (so I can contact you with plans as they evolve).
  • How likely you are to attend and if you will be bringing anyone with you (so I can be sure of numbers to book for).
  • How you will be getting to Farnborough (so I can tell you how to get from your arrival point to the lunch destination – if lots of you are coming on the same train, for example, we could book a taxi for all of you).
  • If you are coming by train which direction will you be arriving from/what is your starting station (so I can recommend a train to arrive on so we all meet at roughly the same time).
  • And finally whether there’s any type of food you really cannot eat or want to avoid if possible.


If, my wonderful new friends, you furnish me with those trifling pieces of information, my big brother Dani and I will arrange a lunch engagement for us. We should manage to coordinate transport so we all meet at a similar time (and head off to preschool together later) and also find a venue that suits us best. I hope once we’ve met we’ll relax a bit and get to know each other enough so that we won’t feel too embarrassed about sharing our little sides with our new friends.

I’m looking forward to meeting you, so send me those messages asap!