Davy on the radio

Adult baby radio

First of all I would like to apologise that posts have not been following like water recently. I’ve been having rather a bad time with my back that’s been hurting so much I’ve lost a lot of sleep and got rather unhappy. Sitting in front of the computer and writing one of my usual torrents of drivel has been physically and emotionally beyond me. But today we have a post!

A couple of weeks I was interviewed for the program Seek Find Keep Love on Webtalk Radio. The chap who interviewed me ( Trace Burroughs, click for his homepage ) had the usual problem spelling my name (why do people insist on putting an ‘e’ in Davy? It vastly annoys me) and got a bit confused about the abbreviation ‘DL’, thinking it is ‘LD’, but he seemed a nice enough chap.

In the half hour interview I talk about adult baby stuff in general, trying to explain adult baby things to someone who had never encountered it before (that category could well include Trace;). There’s nothing terribly deep, but I make it clear that ABs are normal people who try to get on in life, just with a different way of relaxing. I also say it’s lovely to be an adult baby, which of course it is!

You can listen to the adult baby radio show on the Webtalk Radio site , or you can listen to it here:

If anyone is, as Trace suggested, ‘disgusted’ by me I’ll ruthlessly hunt them down and bonk them with my teddy bear.