Southern England ageplay preschool

Story time

It’s early in the planning stages, but I’m pleased to report that a Southern England ageplay preschool event will almost definitely be happening near to London at the start of the summer. Daddy and I will definitely be attending and I’m writing this post in the hope it attracts more little boys and girls, and hopefully some caregivers/classroom assistants, to what should be a completely cracking afternoon out.

The idea is that it will cater for age players who can be in role as their 3 to 7 year old selves for an extended period and feel comfortable behaving as a little with others. Nappies will be allowed (I’ll be wearing them) but, although it hasn’t been discussed, I imagine you or your caregiver will be responsible for changing them. Caregivers or classroom assistants are positively encouraged to attend as looking after a packed preschool of pre-pubescent persons could well be a challenge.

Story time

There will be suitable activities for young children: drawing and painting, story time, playing with toys, milk time and simple reading. It’ll last for three and a half hours on the afternoon of 18 May and will take place in a hall in Farnborough. Farnborough is roughly thirty minutes by train from Waterloo station, so is very easily accessible.

This Southern England ageplay prechool is being run by Miss Livingstone, who is headmistress of the adult role-play school daddy and I attend (as an 11 year old and an 8 year old respectively). You can read a newspaper article about the adult role-play school here. Although she has once caned me for not being naughty, Miss Livingstone is a wonderfully caring teacher who loves all her little boys and girls – I bet she’ll love us younger boys and girls too:) There will be no corporal punishment for preschool children (according to the plan so far).

If this event is a success the hope is to arrange more such meetings on a regular basis – so we must all be on our best behaviour to make sure it happens again. There are very few properly childish events for littles in the UK. Most munches discuss far too grown up things, the ABC in London is loud, tawdry and totally kid-unfriendly and even the usual type of meet that happens in a pub before a fetish event is hardly suitable for childish clothes and playing with toys. My excellent friend ABJane is organising the North England adult baby play area event in July and in November the first National Nappy Meet, but it is good to have as many opportunities as we can to express and be happy with the ‘little’-aspects of our personalities in a safe and friendly environment. Consequently, it’s worth supporting Miss Livingstone’s event in the hope that it becomes a continuing success.

If you are a little who wants to attend then I suggest you contact Miss Livingstone for further details. This is certainly what you should be doing if you’d like to help out as a teacher, classroom assistant or general caregiver for the afternoon – Miss Livingstone can handle a lot but I’m sure she’d greatly appreciate some help. If you’d like to come you could also leave a comment on this post so everyone can see how many little boys and girls we’ll be getting to play with.

See you in May!

Latest news: The event will cost £20 payable on the door and will run from 13:30 to 17:00. Check this blog nearer the date if you are going and want to meet for lunch in Farnborough before the event. Hopefully a bunch of us will be able to have a relaxing lunch together, maybe with a pint to soothe anxiety, get to know ‘big us’ before we all head off together to the venue where ‘little us’ can enjoy preschool and playing together.