My new Sonic the Hedgehog stuff

Sonic the Hedgehog hat side view

Attentive readers may recall I got a couple of Sonic the Hedgehog t-shirts a few weeks back. It appears I’m becoming a bit of a Sonic fan as I’ve just got two more super brillo Sonic items. I could start by mentioning that it’s a bit strange to have recently become a Sonic fan as, whilst I have games on my tablet and phone, I have only ever played one Sonic game once. I’m not sure whether to remain in this almost virginal state or dive in and pay the games I’ve got. I imagine I probably will; I like fun games and Sonic the Hedgehog must have built a reputation somehow.

No matter, first up is my hyper ace Sonic the Hedgehog hat (which came from Amazon after a friend enlightened me to their existence):

Then, also from Amazon, is this rather snazzy Sonic the Hedgehog towel:

Sonic the Hedgehog towel

Sonic the Hedgehog towel

As the saying goes:

You sass that hoopy Toddler Davy?
There’s a frood who really knows where his towel is!

Observant readers will notice I have had a haircut since my last picture session, but since I hadn’t combed it after this morning’s shower it is not showing at it’s best.

Now, shall I go and reply to feedback from or go and risk being disappointed by a Sonic game? I suppose it’d be rude not to reply to my loyal readers…