New childish t-shirts and sweater

Child sweater outside Winchester's Great Hall

I’ve got some new childish t-shirts and a sweater. A couple have been gifts and a couple purchases I have made myself. eBay is a great source of childish goods, even when they are not specifically advertised as being ‘adult baby’.

First up is a sweater that I am selling in the the Toddlerism Store. I’m pictured here modelling it outside the Great Hall in Winchester.

Child sweater outside Winchester's Great Hall

I am a big fan of The Amazing World of Gumball, as shown on the Cartoon Network. Consequently, I was rather pleased to get this bright and jolly Darwin Watterson t-shirt from eBay.

Darwin Watterson t-shirtThen two people must have known I’ve recently got Sonic the Hedgehog games for my tablet as they sent me these two t-shirts;

Sonic 'distressed' t-shirt

Sonic T-shirt

We are told the first of the two Sonic shirts is supposed to look ‘distressed’; I’m willing to believe that.

Getting a few childish t-shirts may not seem much, but I’ve been feeing rather unhappy recently – deeply suicidal if you want to know. A few jolly little gifts have perked me up no end and I’m feeling a bit better today. Hooray for generous people and happy gifts!