BeckyABDL Snugglerz all-in-one adult baby diaper

Close-up of BeckyABDL Snugglerz all-in-one adult baby diaper

Sometimes you have to take a punt on something you feel will be a good buy, even if there is almost no information about them. I knew my Twitter friend BeckyABDL made custom adult baby wear even though she doesn’t have a website advertising it. When she started posting on Twitter about her Snugglerz all-in-one adult baby diapers I thought they sounded great even though getting a photo out of her was tortuously difficult. I got one so I can show you a picture of my bum in mine:

Close-up of BeckyABDL Snugglerz all-in-one adult baby diaper

As you can see from the picture, Becky has access to some good prints and she makes a well-fitting all-in-one adult baby diaper. Below is a picture of me on the timeout spot and on bed in mine.

The Snugglerz all-in-one adult baby diaper is very thick and dense, packed with lots of absorbent material. After my morning’s use I can confirm they are very absorbent. The waterproof layer on the inside works very well and stops you from embarrassing yourself even if you’ve been on the fizzy pop like nobody’s business.

The fit of the nappies is very satisfying indeed. They have leg elastics which stop any ‘in action’ leaks and generally the nappy is a close, body-hugging fit. I would just add one thing about getting wet in them. Because the cloth lining inside is continuous with the cloth cover on the outside I wonder if wetness might wick through them if you are very wet or wear them for a long time. This didn’t happen to me this morning, I should add, but then a morning of even weeing freely is not quite the same as a long night of the same.

As the Snugglerz all-in-one adult baby cloth diapers are made to measure by special order you may have to wait a couple of weeks for Becky to get time out of real life work in order to make them. But they are priced in line with all-in-one adult baby diapers from more established manufacturers and, of course, Becky makes them to measure. She’ll ship overseas too (which is how I got one) and international postage charges are not excessive.

I am certainly very pleased with my Snugglerz and heartily recommend them. If you’d like Becky to make you one contact her via Twitter. I keep bullying her to set up a webpage to show these and her other designs; I’ll link to it when she publishes.