Shop4PVC review

I believe is is traditional to say "Does my bum look big in this?"

The other day a couple of people mentioned to me as a good source of plastic pants in the UK. I’ll take this as random chance, even though my paranoia screams at me it’s part of some sinister plot, but the owner emailed me a few hours later and asked if I would put a link to his shop on here.

Since I couldn’t deduce the ins and outs of the sinister plot, I put the link up and spent a while browsing the shop. It seemed good. Shop4PVC have a broad range of PVC and plastic goods, with some terry cloth products as well, that seemed to be quality stuff at keen prices for adult babies, age players and more grown-up fetish-types.

The PVC clothing Shop4PVC sell is not to my taste, but luckily I know several people who do like such things. I asked them the questions and got positive responses. The prevailing view was that Shop4PVC was a good supplier, so I thought I’d place an order and see what I thought.

I really liked that I could get an excellent pair of plastic pants in ‘voluptuous little boy’-size (suitable for me) for £8.50. You can get them for seven notes if you are smaller. That’s good value and they are good quality. Shop4PVC sell a much broader selection of plastic pants than just these cheapies. Some look really cute and I WANT! They offer a selection made by the excellent manufacturer Gary. Consequently, Shop4PVC now seem a good source of these top pants in the UK now that LL Medico’s international postage charges seem designed to make credit cards spontaneously ignite under the strain.

I also got (yet) another pair of training pants as these are what I wear when I’m not in nappies; I’m always happy to have more. These are well-made and are sold at a good price as well. There’s a little gallery of me modelling the training pants and plastic pants at the end of this post.

I was very pleased with the exceedingly reasonable postage charges and the alacrity with which goods were sent off. I ordered outside office hours and got a message the same evening saying my goods would be in the post the next morning. They arrived the day after they were posted.

My experiences of Shop4PVC, and those reported by my friends, have been very positive. If you are looking for PVC clothes or plastic pants, especially if you are in the UK, this is a first stop shop. Heartily recommended!

  • Bibbi

    Happy to hear the gamble paid off! I’ve never ordered from them myself, though i’ve had my eyes on their high-waist snappies for a while – good to see they live up to the hype. It is evident from your cute piccies how happy you are with them 🙂 Are the trainers waterproof, or are you wearing the plastic panties on top?

  • Plastic pants on top of the trainers, but that is the case for the multitude of training pants I own. I like these; terry cloth feels… childish 🙂

  • Tommy_In_Salem_New_Hampshire

    As an older Autistic adult who also has Cerebral Palsy & who is also totally incontinent, both my bladder & my bowels, I wear plastic pants over my disposable diapers for added leak protection. I myself am also an Adult Baby & I am a survivor of severe childhood abuse & I “regress” to alleviate my own PTSD symptoms.

    Have you ever heard about

    They are located in Hooksett, New Hampshire, USA, 25 miles north of where I live in Salem, New Hampshire.

    A year ago, I purchased 6 pairs of snap-on yellow sleepy teddy bear print plastic pants. Their supplier is Gary Manufacturing.

    Anyway, I hope you are doing ok. I just took off my AFO leg braces to get ready to lie down & take a needed long nap here @ home, safe between my side safety rails on my bed to prevent falls & injuring myself.

  • I’ve heard of fetware, but as I am in the UK I prefer to by my stuff here, if possible, to save me the exorbitant postage fees from the US.

  • scoolkid

    I think shop4pvc have been round for a while but I’ve never bought anything from them. They seem to have a larger selection than the last time I looked and the prices seem reasonable.

    What are their trainer pants like? I have a few pairs that I purchased from Arizona healthcare. They feel great but for some reason they seem to hold in the heat, more so than a thicker terry nappy or disposable (I wear plastic pants with all) .

  • Oh hi scoolkid,

    I think the prices are pretty reasonable for plastic pants and they have a good range. Don’t worry, I haven’t been bought, I genuinely recommend shopping at Shop4PVC.

    The training pants are a design I like, simple but keeps me feeling like I’m wearing the right kind of underwear. They are just two thick, soft layers of terry cloth with elasticated legs and waist. They work for me. The thing is, whilst I seem to be under the impression than Shop4PVC’s version has slightly thicker terry cloth, they are pretty much the same as the double terry layer trainers sold by Cuddlz, which happen to be a bit cheaper. They charge a bit more for postage, though, so ultimately the price isn’t so different. So, if you are buying plastic pants, Shop4PVC get the nod, if it’s just training pants then go to Cuddlz, and for both go with the former.

    Thanks for dropping by the site again:)