North England adult baby play area event in July 2013

Slides in the play area

Update: See this post of Jane’s on her blog for the latest information about what sounds like an incredible venue.

The lovely ABJane, who is skilfully organising the first National Nappy Meet for UK adult babies, DL’s and friends, has arranged another cracker: a play area meet in Lincoln in the North of England. It is happening on 6 July 2013 and should suit the young at heart down to the ground.

A slide in the play area

ABJane has found a play area specially constructed to suit larger little people as well as more conventionally sized children. The play area covers 10,000 square feet, with ball pools, 4 mega slides and it’s all split up onto three levels. What more could a 6’3″ toddler ask for?

The play area opens for private adult parties and in this case the owners are aware they’ll be hosting adult babies who will be wearing nappies and baby clothes as they play. The owners of the play area are completely fine about us enjoying ourselves as we feel most comfortable. And so they should be!

Davy in ForeverAKid shortallsI think ‘most comfortable’ for me means nappy, nursery-printed t-shirt and shortalls. The shortalls might get discarded if it’s very warm and I really enjoy running around – nappy and t-shirt is fine attire for an excited three year old in summer. Don’t worry, I’ve got great legs:) Oh yes, we have to wear socks, so make sure you have some fun ones!

ABJane will also be bringing her stash of colouring books and crayons so we can have something to do when we get tired of running around playing on the slides and apparatus. I bet she’ll also bring her truly epic haul of Duplo too – I’ll try to persuade her if she isn’t. No throwing Duplo at other kids, though; we play nice or we don’t get to play at all!

The North England adult baby play area event is a total bargain at £11 per ticket. It will happen in Lincoln, a three-minute taxi ride away from the station, on 6 July 2013. The times it will run from are 19:30 to 21:30.

There is a nearby hotel currently offering cheap rooms, so we don’t all have to heard off home late at night if we don’t want to. The plan so to go and play (in a more grown-up style) at the hotel bar so we can finish off the evening having relaxed fun with like-minded people. Then we can all scoot of to sleep and wet our beds (hehehehehehehehe).

There is information about the North England adult baby play area event on the National Nappy Meet homepage, and you can buy tickets for it on the site as well.

Super brill-person points should be awarded to ABJane for organising another ace event:) ABJane has more than enough to keep her busy without setting up national adult baby functions; yet she does that as well with cool composure and svelte skill. If you come along to one of ABJane’s jollies make sure you give her an extra-big hug to say ‘thanks’ for her efforts:)