Latest clothes from Nevergrownup

Davy wearing a dinosaur adult diaper

Yesterday I had a delivery from one of my favourite adult baby suppliers Nevergrownup. I got some rather cool shorts with a monster print on them (which are very toddler so very ‘me’) and a cloth diaper with a dinosaur-print (which worked just fine keeping the bed dry last night).

Let’s cut straight to the chase and I’ll show you the pictures (click to see full size):

Aren’t they great? I look forward to wearing the monster-print shorts in the summer; they only have little pockets so I’ll have to be little without a mobile phone, keys or grown-up stuff!

I’ve been chatting to the owner of Nevergrownup via his twitter page and something he told me made perfect sense considering the clothes he offers. He said when he got into age play nowhere offered realistically childish clothes, everything was either dated or overblown/pastiche. He wanted to make properly childish clothes for properly childish people. As my previous reviews suggest, I definitely think he has achieved his aim. Nevergrownup provides adult baby clothes for people comfortable with being the little people they are who don’t need extreme examples of beyond-real baby clothes.

I should add that it is worth keeping an eye on the Nevergrownup page quite regularly. Just by chance I found out that there was a little bit of the monster material available, and a few email messages determined there was enough for shorts and I could have them. So, as some of his stuff is made in very limited quantities, it’s wise to keep your eyes peeled and grab good stuff when it comes up.

Nevergrownup get a mega-beezer recommendation from this little boy! You should try them too!