Babykins adult baby products

Kisu the cat comes to examine my printed cloth diaper

Babykins adult baby products have been on sale for decades; they were one of the first suppliers I purchased adult baby products from in the early 1990s. When I got a newsletter from them I thought it was about time I placed another order and tried out their service to see if it was as good as 20 years ago.

They now have an excellent website that is easy to browse and find the adult baby products you are looking for on it. They have a good range of stuff as well; for my test purchase I got some blue plastic pants, a printed pull-on cloth nappy and a onesie with short legs. Click on the tiled pictures to see the full images.

The printed, pull-up cloth diaper is a very comfortable fit and feels thick enough to last this little boy for quite a while. Considering the thickness, quality of construction and lovely soft materials it’s made from the price was most reasonable.

I really like the short-legged onesie. The idea of having short legs is to prevent chaffing if you are an active little person like me. The measurements they give on their site are spot on and so mine fits a treat. I also love the soft material it is made from; I feel I deserve many hugs when I’m wearing it.

Blue plastic pants… well… they are printed blue plastic pants that didn’t cost a fortune – what more can I say?

For international orders Babykins have the option of sending by expedited post – we toddlers are not so good at the ‘deferred pleasure’-thing. If you choose that option they’ll zoom anywhere for you with great speed. The normal postage, whilst a lot cheaper, is quite slow. They generally despatch from stock, so the delays are minimised. I like being able to pay Babykins with PayPal.

Babykins adult baby products are sold, processed and delivered with smooth, slick style. If you live over the pond they’ll be delivered quickly too. International orders can get a hint pricy if you buy lots of big nappies, but at least you are paying for quality. Their range of adult baby clothes and diapers is broad enough to have something that’d suit everyone. Babykins gets the Toddler Davy thumbs up!