Adult baby harness

Front view of my adult baby harness

In the world of adult babies, some people are into different levels of sub/loss of control-related play; we like to be taken care of to different degrees. I’m quite taken with the idea of daddy looking after to me to the extent that when we are out he stops me from running off and getting into trouble or lost. This is a real issue with someone as childish as me! Consequently, I was pleased as chips to get an adult baby harness and leash from

I’d been looking around for a while for an adult-sized toddler harness and, whilst there are some nice ones out on the web, most you see are very expensive. Moreover, being made from leather with various appliques and the like on them, they go a bit beyond childish and move into pastiche – they are more extreme than real children would actually be seen using.

A friend suggested I look at the offerings from, and I was sold pretty much immediately. The adult-sized toddler harnesses were precisely ‘toddler’, quite literally a scaled up version of smaller toddlers’ harnesses. They are simple webbing affairs (without big panels for appliques)that you can clip around you, adjust the size of the straps then hand over the leash to your carer so you’re under control on your walk.

The harnesses are complete as they are, coming with a groin strap, a leash and a couple of straps for attaching the harness (and the little inside it) to things like chairs, pushchairs, beds, etc. You can choose from a range of colours (I chose multi-coloured because I’m a bright, jolly little) and there are also plenty of extras you can choose, like metal D-rings, wrist and ankle restraints and locking clips.

After looking at the harness designs and optional extras I looked at the price. Rarely have I encountered an adult baby supplier who charges such a fair price for professional item that is quite childish enough. The unadorned adult-sized toddler harness and leash I got cost £25 including postage and making it a larger size than standard (as I am a 6’3″ tall, generally large three year old). That is a great price for an item so well made, that will clearly last, and I’ll get so much pleasure from. It’s so good not to be over-charged for inferior rubbish, as so many adult suppliers do – well done for treating your customers well!

All the communications I received from the owner of were friendly and professional; I was kept completely informed of the progress of my order. I ordered my adult baby harness late on a Friday (if memory serves), soon after I received an email saying my adult baby harness would be with me by the end of the following week – that seemed ok to me. Consequently I was chuffed as ninepence to get an email on the next Monday morning saying my harness was made and had been posted off; I received it on Tuesday morning. Champion chipmunk communication and super squirrel service!

I cannot recommend highly enough. If you want a high-quality adult baby item that delivers a real toddler feel to it and you don’t like being ripped off then this is the place to go. Even if you’ve never really thought about getting an adult baby harness I’d consider buying here as it’s difficult to get items with more childish attraction than a toddler harness and leash (well, perhaps nappies:) Put one of these on before you go for a walk and let your carer take control and you’ll feel so cared for and so much like the little person you are.

That’s the slight problem, alas. Daddy is unwilling to have me dragging him around central Winchester with me in mine; he doesn’t mind me wearing toddler clothes but apparently an adult baby harness is too embarrassing… Misery guts! Luckily, we regularly go for walks in the lovely countryside surrounding Winchester and he’s used it to keep me out of trouble on them. Hooray! I hope your carers are not unwilling to let you use your adult baby harness when you go out; it’s great to feel so little and cared for!