I’ve had two deliveries today

Never Grown Up dinosaur nappy cover pants

Today I have had two deliveries of adult baby clothing. The first two items come from baby-pants.com . I got this ‘contour’ cloth nappy, which Kisu the cat is seeing if he fits into:

A Baby Pants 'contour' cloth diaper with Kisu the cat

A Baby Pants ‘contour’ cloth diaper with Kisu the cat

I also got some little dinosaur training pants:

Little dinosaur training pants


To go over these I got a couple of nice things from Never Grown Up . Firstly these dinosaur-themed diaper-cover pants:

Never Grown Up dinosaur nappy cover pants

Secondly these alphabet block shorts. They are great for playing around the flat:

Never Grown Up alphabet block shorts

Good stuff, eh?

  • Dino-Mommy

    I dig the first one and the last one. But the one in the middle not so much little dino…

  • Dearest Dino-Mommy, firstly many thanks for dropping by my litter site. Secondly, I appreciate your effort in commenting. However, the brown pants are covered in dinosaur-related text, so they are little dinosaur.

    I’m pleased you’re out, I was worried.


  • Bibbi

    Yay! I can haz the same dino trainers! They is super cool! I almost feel like a big boy when i wear them – though after one accident too many i’m now only allowed to wear them with plastic panties on top :S

  • Of course, with plastic pants on top, or it’s wet trousers time!