New Cuddlz printed adult baby nappies review

Laying down in a Cuddlz nappy

Cuddlz have recently released a new adult baby nappy that is printed all over, as opposed to their previous efforts with just a piece of printed tape stuck across the front. They were not particularly good, as my review details, but even the packaging of these nappies makes me think Cuddlz have gone to a bit more effort with them.

Cuddlz adult baby nappy packaging

OK, it’s not hyper chic hand-baggage but it’s better than sending out a few nappies in a plastic mailbag. I’m pleased they have made an effort with the packaging; so many adult baby suppliers make no effort with anything, just charging stacks of cash for any old rubbish they think they can trick people into buying. Well done for applying yourself, in this at least, Cuddlz!

Cuddlz printed adult baby nappies are indeed printed all over as you can see. There’s just one wide tape on each side to fasten them which you can see the size and position of on the bottom right wing in the picture below.

A all over printed adult baby nappy

Always nice to see Toast the teddy sneaking into a picture:)

They look pretty good, and feel reasonable sturdy around the fastening areas. So, what are they like to wear?

Excited in my Cuddlz nappy

Excited in my Cuddlz nappy

I found them extremely comfortable. The large size fitted me a treat and, even though they are not very thick, they are quite wide so you really know you are wearing a nappy. They feel good!

I wondered if one wide, but not very long ,tape would be secure enough to put up with much movement. I’ve tried these on a couple of afternoons walking around Winchester, as well as general playing in the flat, and they have held up just fine. One friend of mine has reported the tapes tearing on her a couple of times, but I didn’t experience this when I’ve been wearing them. I’m quite a corpulent little boy so I was a bit surprised, but rather pleased, they could take me moving around in them.

Now, they are quite thin, so I was immediately expecting them to have the capacity of a particularly diminutive person’s smallest thimble. Much to my surprise I have lasted all afternoon in them several times and even over night when I slept in one. The absorbency isn’t quite up to Fabine levels, but it’s not far off that of my usual Abri-Form X-Pluses. That’s really quite impressive.

Laying down in a Cuddlz nappy

Laying down in a Cuddlz nappy

‘Really quite impressed’ is how I would summarise my experience with Cuddlz printed adult baby nappies. Sure, they are more expensive than Abri-Forms, so finances will keep me using them for the most part, but for cute nursery-printed nappies they are not excessively priced. Indeed, they are about a third the cost of my dream nappies, Fabines, and the capacity is not excessively lower than them. I like the fit, they have been sturdy enough (for me at least), good capacity and they’re cute – this is all good stuff!

I think when I want to play around in just a cute nappy, Cuddlz printed adult baby nappies will now be my preferred option. Top work, Cuddlz!

Many thanks to for the excellent pictures.

  • I agree entirely! We seem to have identical taste in nappies – your reviews are always a trustworthy opinion worth listening to 🙂 And you look super cute rocking the Cuddlz look 🙂 x

  • Thank you, Jane, you are most kind. Since we both wear and use nappies for their intended purpose, and we’re both little kids, it’s perhaps not surprising we agree on the best nappies 🙂

  • I like being thought of as ‘super cute’ 😀

  • Tom

    Hope you don’t mind me asking, but as a corpulent wearer myself, what kinda trouser size are you? Trying to work out if these “large” nappies will fit me..


    • Hello Tom,

      I’m glad you asked as this gives me an opportunity to brag:) Until recently I was a generous 42″ waist, but thanks to applying myself to not eating I’m now a 40″ waist. It’s been hard work, I can tell you. The Cuddlz large sized nappies are a great fit for me at my current dimensions, but they’d easily fit a waist size a few inches larger.

      I seem to recall Cuddlz sell then in smaller amounts than the packets of ten so you can get a couple and try the fit before blowing a load of cash.

      I’m very pleased with these nappies (and Jane likes them too, as she commented), they are well worth trying.

      Hope this helps.

  • Tom

    Thanks for the reply – you’re basically the same size as me – I fluctuate between 38 and 42 depending on time of year etc 🙂

    Can’t wait to get my Cuddlz, thanks 🙂

  • Bibbi

    I agree with you about the old Cuddlz being rather crap (no pun intended), so i confess i was skeptical to give their new ones a try – even though single tapes is my #1 dream feature. Thanks to your review i now know what my next nappy order will be – though i’ll still rely on trusty Tenas for day-to-day use.

  • Quite, Bibbi. I like the Cuddlz nappies but I’ll generally stick to the usual as cash matters. Lawks my Abri-Form was wet when I got out of bed after 10 hours sleep – they do hold a lot.