Abena Abri-Form adult diaper review

A packet of Abena Abri-Forms

A packet of Abena Abri-Form adult diapers The adult nappies I generally use are Abena Abri-Form X-Plus – I thought it about time I reviewed them. The X-Plus refers to the absorbency – there are two lower levels: Super and Plus. I prefer X-Plus because they hold more (up to four litres, the manufacturers claim) and the nappies themselves are mostly white, which I find more childish. They have two green lines along them and a wetness indicator in the middle. OK, not super-childish but I have to buy nappies I can afford.

Speaking of price, these are very affordable. If you are incontinent, like me, and don’t have to pay VAT a case of 36 will cost you a modest £0.69 per nappy (excluding delivery). That is far more affordable than my favourite Fabines , so these are what get used all the time. The place to get these from in the UK is Dorset Nursing Supplies .

So, just how childish do Abri-Form X-Plus look?

Davy the three year old in an Abena Abri-Form X-Plus

I think that is reasonably childish (if a bit corpulent – ho ho ho!).

The nappies themselves have a double-tape system. You can attach a tape when you put the nappy on and if you need to re-seal them or bundle them up when used you can pull off the top tape and use that. The tapes are very strong and will easily handle a night of me thrashing about or a day of me capering around.

When I say ‘night’ and ‘day’ I mean it because these nappies last a long time. Now I sleep for an average of over eight hours a night the Abri-Form has no problems coping with such a period, usually with a bit of a hang-over into daytime wearing. During a night’s use I rarely get any leaks, but as with any nappies I’d suggest you wear plastic pants over them just to be sure. They last a good proportion of the day, as well, as long as you don’t ‘hold it in’ too long and let go in massive floods. I find two to three Abri-Form X-Plus diapers will last me a day – depending on how much I’m drinking.

The fit is excellent and they stay in position no matter how much you move around. Abri-Forms don’t feel as bulky as Fabines but you definitely know you are wearing a nappy. They hide easily enough under street clothes. Or under toddler clothes (if you are like me).

Comfortable, capable, cheap – for day-to-day use Abri-Form X-Plus will continue to be my choice until someone gives me pots of cash to buy Fabines.