Toddler Davy’s Christmas

I had mega-wizard fun this Christmas! It was a hoot! I admit there was a lot of sleeping, because I was bad and stayed up a lot last week, but it was all good fun and I’m pleased I’ve now caught up with sleep.

I’d clearly been a very good boy as Father Christmas brought me a load of presents. I got all of these soft toys:

My Christmas cuddly toys

My favourite is the brown teddy who’s lying down; he’s from the same people as Toast and I have decided to call him Pudding – he looks like a big chocolate pudding! The big lynx, Sossis, is nice, but he’s really itchy. Daddy says the teddy at the back is of my favourite form of teddy bear: corpulent with a big nose. Pah, I like all kinds of teddies! Lardy the lion and Brownie the cat have made it into bed with Toast a couple of nights, not just sitting on my pillow; it’s great to be allowed multiple security objects.

I was also given a wooden sword, some marbles, bath fizzing foam, stink bombs (for school) and some books including the best bedtime story I’ve ever been read:

My favourite bedtime story ever!

The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas is so brillo! It’s about a little boy, a huge dinosaur and MASSES OF POO!! It’s really funny and if you need a new bedtime story I think this is the one you should get.

I’m very lucky to know so many generous people who have given me presents recently, especially daddy who managed to get me loads of really great things despite being poor as a church mouse. Thanks daddy! I love you!

Now we are awake more, Christmas will tail off into eating all the food we’ve got left. I’m stewing shin of beef in Port tonight: yummy!

I hope I’m allowed to stay up for New Year after my performance with missing sleep last week and sleeping most of Christmas… If I don’t see you before then:

Happy New Year!