Would you use a pacifier in public?

I’ve recently received a new NUK 5 pacifier/dummy and a clip to go with it. Here’s the picture:

  It fits! Hooray!

I’m very open about being a little boy, but I don’t try to ram it down innocent by-standers’ throats. I feel it is acceptable and not too outré to have a pacifier attached to ones clothes and even use them when I feel the need in public. When most people see an adult with a dummy they assume it’s a clubbing-thing anyway. I see lots of people with dummies around the hotter parts of Town as the hours grow later.

I feel much the same about my security objects. I carry Toast with me all the time, but when I’m in a civilised location, like a waiting room, train carriage or quiet bus I don’t feel it’s too outrageous to pull him out of the bag a bit and give him a bit of a cuddle. Of course, with friends, or even the doctor , Toast is out all the time!

But, I’m interested in what my readers think. Is a pacifier in public too much or is it acceptable. Vote now!