Would you use a pacifier in public?

I’ve recently received a new NUK 5 pacifier/dummy and a clip to go with it. Here’s the picture:

  It fits! Hooray!

I’m very open about being a little boy, but I don’t try to ram it down innocent by-standers’ throats. I feel it is acceptable and not too outré to have a pacifier attached to ones clothes and even use them when I feel the need in public. When most people see an adult with a dummy they assume it’s a clubbing-thing anyway. I see lots of people with dummies around the hotter parts of Town as the hours grow later.

I feel much the same about my security objects. I carry Toast with me all the time, but when I’m in a civilised location, like a waiting room, train carriage or quiet bus I don’t feel it’s too outrageous to pull him out of the bag a bit and give him a bit of a cuddle. Of course, with friends, or even the doctor , Toast is out all the time!

But, I’m interested in what my readers think. Is a pacifier in public too much or is it acceptable. Vote now!

  • April Babykins

    Use one when driving long distances on my own.
    Usually just suck my thumb. When anxious or depressed.

  • I feel very at ease sucking my thumb, too, in the right situations. NOW, for example 🙂

    April, you’ve commented a lot, do you do online chat? If so, send me a message with your contact details and we can have a little natter 🙂

  • The votes so far seem to go with using a pacifier in public, with a few more up for wearing but not using. That seems pretty reasonable to me.

    I’m a bit surprised by how close behind the ‘No’ option is, though. If anyone would like to comment why using a pacifier in public is right out I’m sure we’d be interested to hear. I’ll pass it on to the people I see hanging around the Winchester clubs of a weekend evening 🙂

  • Spike

    I clicked ‘no’ cos I am a big boy! :> Although if I were to see some other ‘little’ using a dummy it wouldn’t phase me.

    I have brought other comfort items with me in public, however. My trusty companion, Stoat, travels with me on journeys in my rucksack. I occasionally have brought other soft toys as well and am often known to have a bouncy ball or Lego minifig in one of my pockets.

  • Spike, even though you are a big boy and don’t use dummies your admission that you brandish other childish objects suggests you don’t mind doing little stuff in public. Therefore, on a meta-level, your answer should have been ‘yes’.

  • Bibbi

    No, because:

    When i’m “out” i prefer to stay on a level where there is still a little room for doubt, a wee comfort zone of alternative explanations – i think you have to go really quite far (in terms of how you dress) before the inescapable conclusion is “adult baby”. This is mainly because i worry it might offend or disturb someone (you know what people can be like) and to avoid any drama. Or more truthfully: Mommy i’m scared! I don’t wanna suck my dummy in front of the big boys! What if they’re mean to me?

  • Bibbi

    “It’s better to walk around with a padded bum and let people think you’re an adult baby, than to pop a dummy in your mouth and remove any doubt”

    Mark Twain

  • Most of the people I see using pacifiers in Lovely Winchester are clearly not ABs. I’m happy not to be overt, but I’ll also happy to be comfortable as myself in a socially acceptable manner. I went into London yesterday in my overalls with a giraffe on the front and a nursery printed t-shirt. Even when staggering back home at after-closing-time people just don’t comment. I’m a nice, non-threatening person so people treat me as such.

  • Bibbi

    Actually, i confess i failed to read your post properly before voting & commenting – i see now that you made much the same argument as i did, and that your conclusion, while different, was based on the same assumptions. I should add that my desire to limit provocation is wholly selfish; i’m simply too shy, nervous – and lazy – to deal with the attention. But i will passionately defend your or anyone else’s right to offend!

  • I don’t think I offend anyone in the slightest.

    I’m actually terrified of going out and think people will all hate me and make negative judgments about me. But I’m aware enough to realise that’s the paranoid schizophrenia talking. Even if everyone *does* hate me, my imagined crimes are so bad that wearing nursery printed clothes will make not a shred of difference to how people will view me.

  • Bibbi

    Oh i certainly don’t think you offend anyone, apologies if it sounded that way. Just riding my hobby horse.

    I am actually quite comfortable with dressing as a little in public, i do it all the time, and i’ve never had a negative comment from anyone (apart from once in – believe it or not – a fetish club!?). The only hard part for me is getting out the door! Once i’m out all i see are smiles and the odd giggle, and when people do make comments they are always very kind. Only the other day i had a long conversation with a homeless person who wanted my snowsuit, despite it being very infantile in appearance. I could definitely see why, as he was terribly ill equipped for the snowy weather. I tipped him off that he might be able to pick up something similar in the bigger second hand stores for as little as a Minnie* and gave him a contribution towards the purchase. Other times people stop to ask my teddy’s name, bartenders ask if i’m really allowed that ale, others want to know where i bought my shoes, etc, etc.

    Ultimately, it is my belief that even if we did offend someone by being our little selves in public, the right to be yourself trumps the right to be offended, by like a mile or something.

    *) Minnie Driver – fiver 😉

  • I’m not sure people do have a ‘right not to be offended’; we chose to be offended by things of our own free will, after all. Very, very little offends me, and that usually has something to do with being offered inferior wine when I’ve made the effort to put on my lucky red cord suit….

    Snow suit sounds nice, I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled.

    I thought it was a Lady (Godiva = fiver).