Cuddlz adult baby shop review

I hope you all enjoyed Christmas; after the big day I give you some suggestions of adult baby items you might want for the new year from Cuddlz . Cuddlz are generally a very good supplier who despatch reasonable goods speedily and charge reasonable amounts for them. They are based in the UK which helps me no end. There is but one warning: don’t buy the disposables.

I reviewed Cuddlz disposable nappies here, but to briefly recap: they are quite thin, they don’t hold terribly much, and the prints are not totally convincing. They are not too expensive for vanity nappies, but for anyone who actually needs diapers for their purpose, like me, they are totally unsuitable. But this is not reason enough to dismiss Cuddlz as an adult baby shop.

Their adult baby pyjamas are simply cracking, and available in a number of styles. I wear my favourite baby blue teddy bear pyjamas around the house until they stink and need washing. The postman has said they are very cute.

My baby blue teddy bear pyjamas from Cuddlz

They do them in white as well:

This picture of me in teddy jammies made it on my professional site

One warning I would make about these brushed cotton, super-soft, super-cute pyjamas is that they can shrink quite a bit when you wash them. I would definitely choose a size at the large end of your dimensions, if not exceeding them. Assuming they don’t shrink to the size of a child smaller than you, these adult baby clothes should make you very happy; they’re so comfortable, not too hot (less sweaty than fleece) and simply lovely.

Cuddlz do other styles of pyjamas. These ones are made of nursery-printed poly-cotton thinner than the ones above and they have short sleeves and legs for that little kid look:

Cuddlz short leg pyjamas

I also thought I’d get a set in this weight of material (it’s useful for warmer nights) with the baby shower print and long legs:

Cuddlz long leg pyjamas

The material is light and comfortable and the prints extremely cute, but I should make two warnings about these Cuddlz adult baby pyjamas. The tops are done up with snaps, which is nice and babyish, but they can come loose is you pull them too hard. Make sure when your carer dresses and undresses you they do it with care. My other warning is about size of the tops, they don’t quite live up to the dimensions they are sold to fit – they are a bit too small. If you order a size larger than you normally take you should be fine. If that comes out to be too big then don’t worry: big adult baby clothes make you look smaller.

Naturally, Cuddlz sell adult baby onesies. Quite a lot of them are in fleece which I find too hot; a shame because I love the prints on their fleece onesies. I got this blue cotton one for general nappy-retaining services:

Cuddlz blue oneise

The cotton onesies are high quality, with good, sturdy crotch snaps and nice trimming around the neck, arms and legs. Very capable of performing their function, which is what one mainly wants 🙂

Finally, Cuddlz sell some cloth nappies, which I haven’t tried, but I have got a couple of pairs of their training pants:

Cuddlz training pants

They are made from two thick layers of terry cloth which makes them extremely comfortable and you are well aware you are only little when you are wearing them. These adult baby training pants won’t hold much of a flood, it’s true, but if you want to wear them under street clothes to feel childish, or you have the odd dribble, then these are just the ticket. You need to wear plastic pants over them.

Training pants have all but replaced big boy pants in my life when I’m not wearing nappies, and that adds to my feeling of being a little boy even when I’m out and wearing slightly more grown-up clothes. Great in wine tastings 🙂

To summarise, Cuddlz sell very good adult baby clothes, that they despatch quickly and cost reasonable amounts; you just might need to be aware of the sizing. Don’t bother with the disposable nappies, if you want prints get Fabine Exklusivs instead. Cuddlz should certainly be one of your first stops when looking for adult baby pyjamas, and well worth examining their onesies and other goods as well.