Update on Channel 4’s adult baby program

I just thought I would post the latest news about the adult baby program ‘The Fifteen Stone Babies’ being broadcast on Channel 4. It is still planned to go out on 13 December at 10pm and Channel 4 have this page about it.

Trailers for the Channel 4’s adult baby program start going out on 6 December. I’m told they feature me saying what a happy little boy I am and how good it is to receive unconditional love as a toddler. I am and it is. If anyone manages to get a recording of the trailer would you be kind enough to send me a copy, or stick it on YouTube and send me a link? Thanks, kids!

There will be an article about it in Now magazine published on 11 December. I have no inkling of what Now magazine is, who reads it or what they seek from an article about ABs, so don’t ask me what sort of piece it’ll be! I’ll purchase a copy and put some scans of the article here.

More news as it comes in!

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